A group of students at myClub discussing a topic presented by their teacher

What is myClub?

Learning a language is a life-long journey, whether you need it for business, exam purposes, your studies or just for fun! We appreciate the time and energy it takes to develop language skills and would like to give you a little extra support along the way.

MyClub are fun, free, relaxed sessions for all adult students no matter your level. They take place twice a week.

Each myClub has a different theme such as music, film or what’s going on in the news each week. It’s not just about English, it’s also about meeting people, making new friends and seeing a different side to our teachers. To make things more social, you can even bring a friend or family member (they don’t have to be registered on a British Council course).

The new myClub programme will be available at the end of November 2019.