The Learning Hub

The British Council Learning Hub

The British Council has introduced the learning hub as part of your child’s course so that your child can get the most out of learning English.

The learning hub is a safe and secure space online where your child will enjoy doing activities set by their teacher so that they come to class feeling more prepared. It also gives your child access to their virtual lessons if classes are online.

By developing skills such as reading and listening in fun ways before and after class, your child will have more time to practise speaking English in class. 

It’s designed to help them make more progress and feel more motivated and confident.

At the British Council, we take the safety, well-being and protection of children and adolescents very seriously, both in our face to face and virtual classrooms. Please read 'Our Online Code of Conduct' carefully and remember as always to report and concerns or any situations that you do not think comply with these rules to

To find out how to log in and how to make the most of the learning hub, we recommend watching these short videos (for Primary Plus 1-2, Primary Plus 3-6, Secondary Plus and a general tutorial).