Teacher looking at a computer with a young girl

If your child is having difficulty with their learning or requires additional support to keep up with their class, they may benefit from one of our special educational needs (SEN) interventions.


We have a dedicated team of SENCos, or Special Educational Needs Coordinators, who are responsible for assessing, planning, and monitoring the progress of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Our SENCos work with class teachers and advise on how children with special needs can be fully included in the classroom through provision of variety/differentiation of activities.

Additional support

Sometimes the support needed takes the form of additional hours delivered to the children facing the learning difficulties. These additions are limited in nature and focus on developing confidence in particular areas of language so that children can participate more actively in their class with their classmates and teacher.

One-to-one lessons

We recognise that some learning difficulties are best faced in an individual rather than a group setting and may advise that your child convert to a one-to-one lesson rather than continue in their classroom. These one-to-one sessions will be completely tailored to your child’s needs and be guided by the expert recommendations of our Special Educational Needs Coordinators and Academic Managers.