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We prioritise creating a safe and nurturing environment and put your child’s personal development and safety at heart.

Our approach to assessment

Three words sum up our approach: positive, encouraging, and constructive. Ongoing classroom assessment is an important part of our evaluation policy. Our teachers will gather and evaluate information about your child’s learning from a variety of sources including classwork, homework, language quizzes, projects, and formal assessments. This process of continuous assessment provides you with a clear picture of your child’s strengths and weaknesses and signposts future teaching and learning points.

Staying informed and reporting

We always value your suggestions and are delighted when you take the time to talk to us and give us your feedback. To keep you up to date with what your child is learning and help you support their progress at home, you child’s teacher will share a description of each lesson and your child’s homework after each lesson. This is shared through ClassDojo. You can use ClassDojo to take part in your child(ren)’s learning and message their teacher with any questions or suggestions.

You will have the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher at the beginning and mid-point of their course and you will receive a written report on their progress to-date at the mid-point and end of each course. We also communicate with parents through our annual customer survey and regular focus groups conducted by our Teaching Centre Marketing Officer.

Cambridge English Qualifications

We give young children the opportunity to demonstrate their English proficiency. We want to bring recognition to your child’s English language learning with access to Cambridge English qualifications and the best exam support. These qualifications have been developed to help them succeed and are recognised by universities throughout the world, improving your child’s education and career prospects overseas.

Our course Age group CEFR Level Cambridge English Qualifications
Primary Plus 1 6–12 Pre-A1  
Primary Plus 2 6–12 Pre-A1  
Primary Plus 3 6–12  Pre-A1 Pre-A1 Starters (YLE)
Primary Plus 4 6–12  A1 A1 Movers (YLE)
Primary Plus 5 6–12  A2 A2 Flyers (YLE)
Primary Plus 6 6–12  A2 A2 KEY for Schools (YLE)
Lower Secondary Plus 1 13–15 B1 B1 Preliminary for Schools
Lower Secondary Plus 2 13–15 B1 B1 Preliminary for Schools
Lower Secondary Plus 3 13–15 B2 B2 First for Schools
Upper Secondary Plus 1 16–17 B1 B1 Preliminary for Schools
Upper Secondary Plus 2 16–17 B2 B2 First for Schools
Upper Secondary Plus 3 16–17 C1 C1 Advanced
Upper Secondary Plus 4 16–17 C2 C2 Proficiency