How do you want Aptis to work for you?

  • You administer the tests: We provide you with everything you need to conduct the tests yourself, as and when it’s convenient. You can monitor progress and produce your own reports.
  • We administer the tests: We understand that your business or organisation may not have time to manage the test taking process yourselves, so we can manage the test for you: from setting up computers to presenting results. We can also invigilate the test and ensure secure test conditions.


A scaled score (0–50) is given for each skill tested and you can use this to compare individual candidates. It also helps you measure progress if candidates are re-taking the test.

You can choose to see test results one by one or in a group format, allowing you to analyse performance for individuals and departments as a whole.

Flexible delivery formats

We can provide Aptis delivery in the following ways:

Computer-based testing

The easiest way to take Aptis is taking a computer-based version which:

  • is delivered in your workplace at your convenience
  • is available for PCs and tablets
  • enables people to take the test at different times, suitable for them and your business.

Online testing

The testing can be done at any time and in any location via the internet.

Fast and cost-efficient set up and results


We can implement a solution for your testing needs with a turnaround of 48–72 hours from test submission to reporting of results. In addition to this, the speaking and writing skills are quickly assessed by the British Council experts.

Cost effective

Whether you want to use the test to identify prospective employees, or assess your current employees’ English language levels, Aptis is a smart investment that continues to add value to your business.

Fair and secure

Aptis gives candidates equal opportunities to show their best English. The test has been specifically developed to be culturally neutral providing a fair testing platform for all candidates.

There are multiple versions of Aptis test questions with new materials being introduced all the time. This means that candidates will not get the same questions as people sitting next to them.