What is Aptis for Teens?

Aptis for Teens is an innovative English language exam developed by the British Council for learners of English aged 12 to 15. It is user friendly with multiple-choice questions and topics designed for and relevant to the interests and needs of today’s teenagers. Questions and scenarios reflect their everyday lives, so teenagers can relate to the questions in a more meaningful way, which allows them to focus purely on their English skills.

It does not test at a single level; instead it includes a range of questions which are designed to allow candidates to demonstrate their skills. It effectively measures candidates’ ability in listening, reading, writing, speaking, grammar and vocabulary.

It’s affordable, flexible and the most appropriate way for foreign language centres and primary and secondary schools to assess and monitor their students’ progress and achievement.

It’s the smarter way to help your students reach their full potential!

Why choose Aptis for Teens?

Aptis for Teens can help you prepare your students in a rewarding and productive fashion for their future high stakes English exams (B2+).

Aptis for Teens will help you quickly and efficiently evaluate your students’ ability in English. You can use it any time to identify skills in need of development, to reward your students’ progress, or to assess them at the end of C, D or pre-B2 classes and provide them with an achievement report certified by the British Council. It can help guide decisions concerning your students’ readiness for other exams. There is no need for exam-specific preparation.

How is Aptis for Teens delivered?

Aptis for Teens is a computer-based exam consisting of interactive exercises and a range of response formats such as matching, drag and drop, multiple choice and gap filling.

The speaking component records candidates’ responses to prompts. All questions and scenarios imitate candidates’ everyday lives; thus they can relate to the test questions in a meaningful way, allowing them to focus purely on their English language skills.

Aptis for Teens scoring

There is no pass or fail in Aptis for Teens. It effectively measures ability in listening, reading, writing and speaking. The test is designed to report Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels A1–B2. It awards C where a candidate is at level C1 or above and A0 is reported for candidates below level A1, or who do not provide sufficient responses to enable measurement.

The reading, listening and grammar and vocabulary components are scored within the computer delivery system. Speaking and writing are rated by certified British Council examiners.

One week after the test, each candidate receives a Candidate Report Form with both a score (0–50) and a CEFR level for each skill (a CEFR level is not reported for the grammar and vocabulary component), as well as an overall score for all four skills.

Test dates, fees and locations

Aptis for Teens is available on demand if you have 20 or more candidates, regardless of their English language level.

The exam fee is affordable: €49 per candidate.

We can organise exams in Athens and Thessaloniki throughout the year, subject to minimum registration requirements.

Send your request to aptisteens@britishcouncil.gr four weeks in advance and we will make it happen.

How to register

Pay the exam fee two weeks before the exam date by direct deposit to the British Council account at any branch of Alpha Bank, via an ATM or via web banking.

You will need the following information for direct deposit and web banking:

  • Account number: 1150 0200 2018 908
  • IBAN: GR05 0140 1150 1150 0200 2018 908

Complete the Aptis for Teens application form and send it to aptisteens@britishcouncil.gr along with the bank deposit receipt:

Further information

For further information and to find out more about how Aptis for Teens can help your school, please contact us.