Free IELTS Prep app for anyone who wants to prepare for the test

No matter where and when you want to prepare for your IELTS test, the British Council is here to help. With our free preparation apps, you can do it anywhere, anytime!

IELTS Prep App

While focusing on the Listening and Speaking parts of the test, this app will also help you expand your vocabulary, practise grammar and understand what to do on your test day. You will be able to test your knowledge by doing grammar exercises, Listening and Speaking practice tests and watching videos of IELTS Speaking interviews.

Our IELTS Prep App also tracks your progress and explains the IELTS assessment criteria so that you know if you’re ready to pass the test with the score you need.

You can even set a test day reminder and check just how much progress you are making. The app also lets you bookmark useful pages so that you can find it easily.

Download the IELTS Prep App on Google Play.

Download the IELTS Prep App on the App Store.

IELTS Word Power App

With over 100 questions to test your vocabulary, this app helps you improve your English and get ready for IELTS. You’ll be able to answer questions from 11 categories ranging from science and technology to work and business.

Download IELTS Word Power on the App Store.