Life Skills

The educator’s role is crucial to the success of the programme whether the Life Skills programme is delivered by a British Council trainer or the local educator. Life skills cannot be developed in just a few teaching hours. They involve a long-term process that is sustained over time through regular and varied activities.

Educators are also the ones who should decide which activities are best suited to their students and to determine their priorities and objectives for their class. They should therefore share their views with the trainers they will be working with and modify activities depending on their students’ needs.

The educator should always look for opportunities to further discuss the topics covered in the workshops and to make connections with other courses on the national curriculum and daily experiences in the school environment.

To support educators in this important role, we offer a workshop, official Life Skills manuals for both modules of the programme and a list of useful websites, which provide ideas for further activities.

Educator workshop

Educators from all participating educational institutions are invited to attend a four-hour workshop designed to help them understand the pedagogical approach of the Life Skills programme. It will also enable them to plan follow-up activities and deliver the programme themselves if their schools or vocational education and training (VET) institutions are located outside the cities where British Council trainers are available.

The workshop will provide educators with:

  • a better understanding of life skills and their importance to wider educational objectives
  • resources to incorporate life skills themes and activities into their classroom teaching
  • a community of practice to share experiences and materials, and to seek support for initiatives and inter-school co-operation.

Workshop schedule 2017–18

Workshop Date Venue
Developing Social Entrepreneurs 24 October,
British Council
17 Kolonaki Square
106 73 Athens

To attend the workshop, please contact us via the online form.

Have you attended one of the workshops or accessed the online course materials via the digital platform? Have you since run the Life Skills programme yourself with your own class? If so, please send us your feedback on how Life Skills worked for you, including details of any special features you used, and let us know how many students took part in the programme. We will then send you a certificate of completion.

Official Life Skills Manuals

The pedagogical background of the programme and all the recommended activities are included in the official Life Skills Manuals – see the ‘Downloads’ section below.

Useful websites

For a more comprehensive list of online resources, please see the official Life Skills Manuals in the ‘Downloads’ section below.