A teacher and a group of school children playing English language games

The Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate (TYLEC) aims to equip teachers with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively and confidently teach English to children and teenagers in the 7–16 age range.

Course aims and objectives

During the course you will focus on how to:

  • teach the main phonological, lexical and syntactic features of English to young learners in an age appropriate way
  • adapt general teaching skills to the specific context of young learner classes
  • understand the learning needs of individuals or groups of young learners, and the motivation of young learners in a variety of circumstances and environments, with specific references to current theories of children’s general and linguistic development
  • create a range of lesson plans with clear and achievable aims
  • improve rapport and stimulate active participation among a class of young learners and provide a relevant learning context and opportunities in relation to their learning objectives
  • evaluate, use and adapt published material and create simple teaching materials, which may include visual aids, audio, video and information/communication technology, as appropriate for young learners
  • develop a broad understanding of the main advantages and disadvantages of various young learner language teaching approaches
  • develop your ability to evaluate your own effectiveness as a teacher and work co-operatively as members of a teaching team or group.

Input sessions

You will receive 38 hours of compulsory workshops on your TYLEC course. These input sessions are intended to develop your existing knowledge and confidence when it comes to teaching young learners, particularly in relation to the use of age appropriate resources, classroom management and lesson planning. Workshop topics include:

  • Language Learning Theories
  • Classroom Management
  • Task-based Learning
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  • Teaching Life Skills.

Assessed teaching practice

Peer observations and teaching practice (five hours) will take place on Tuesday or Friday evenings (16.00–19.00), or on Saturdays (08.30–17.30).

External moderation

External moderation by Trinity College London will be scheduled. Dates to be confirmed.

Course overview

Course dates 10 January–7 April 2020

  • Input sessions
    Friday: 11.00–14.00
  • Teaching practice
    Tuesday & Friday: 16.00–19.00 or
    Saturday: 08.30–17.30
Moderation dates To be confirmed
Location Kolonaki Teaching Centre
Course fee €600
TYLEC certification fee €355