We are a globally trusted brand. Partnering with us gives you access to worldwide networks, expertise in international learning and cultural and community programmes.

Our mission is to build trust and opportunity internationally. Our goals are ambitious; we will only achieve them in partnership. In Greece, we work with national and international organisations, national governments, non-governmental organisations and foundations, businesses and international governmental organisations on shared agendas.

We understand the corporate social responsibility and marketing strategies of our business partners, and the development, education and arts strategies of our public and third sector partners. Our bank of trust, our expertise in policy, skills and content can help you to achieve your goals.

If you would like to explore partnership opportunities with us for a project or event, please contact us.

Our assets

  • globally trusted brand
  • a good understanding of cultures, languages and communities
  • expertise in education and language teaching, all art forms, creative industries, youth and community engagement, governance and reform
  • networks at all levels, from young learners to government ministers
  • close working relationships with UK government departments, national governments and ministries, and international government organisations

Our audience

Worldwide, in 2010–11:

  • We worked with 15,390 government, business and social leaders worldwide.
  • 19.8 million people attended our arts exhibitions, performances, and our education fairs.
  • We reached 427,000 senior teachers and academics, with 5,300 schools in international partnerships.
  • 208,000 people participated in our education exchanges.
  • 19,000 volunteers participated in our youth and civil society work.
  • 294,000 learners received training in our English teaching centres.
  • 1.3 million classroom hours were delivered, making us the world’s leading provider of English training.
  • We enabled 2.5 million people to take professional examinations.
  • 104.5 million people visited us on the web, 143 million listened to our programmes on the radio and 259 million watched our TV programmes.

In Greece, in 2010–11:

  • We reached more than 300,000 people through our projects, engaging hundreds of leaders/emerging leaders, policy makers and members of the general public.
  • We engaged with over 100,000 people online through our digital platforms.
  • We attracted 435,855 unique visitors to our website.