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Our face-to-face translation and verification services have been temporarily suspended until further notice. Translation and verification services are only offered via ACS Courier. For details, please see the ‘How to submit and receive your document(s) – Send your document(s) by ACS Courier’ section below and the ‘Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for temporary arrangements’ document in the Downloads section at the bottom of the page.

If you’re studying or have completed your studies in the UK, you may need verification and translation of your UK qualifications for submission to the Greek authorities.

If you’re planning to study in the UK, you may need to have Greek documents translated into English for submission to UK educational institutions and authorities.

Our official and fully recognised translation and verification service covers a wide range of documents, including:

  • certificates of studies
  • transcripts of grades and degrees issued by UK and Greek universities
  • English language certificates
  • certificates issued by the Greek authorities and other official documents required for admission to undergraduate, postgraduate and medical specialty training courses in the UK.

Translation services (English to Greek/Greek to English)

Notification regarding the disclosure of data to the Inspectors-Controllers Body for Public Administration (PDF, 225 kb)

Professional recognition in Greece

Following completion of your studies in the UK or completion of a UK course delivered in partnership with a college in Greece, you may be interested in professional recognition of your qualifications. We verify and translate all types of educational documents (degrees, transcripts of grades, diploma supplements, certificates etc.) issued by British bodies with recognised academic or professional status in the UK, which you may need to submit to the Greek authorities such as the Board for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP). We offer an official and fully recognised document translation and verification service to meet your needs. For further information on the procedure and required supporting documentation, please visit the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs website.

We can undertake translation of the following:

  • documents issued by UK institutions of secondary, further and higher education, as well as related official bodies, including medical authorities (medical training), in the UK
  • documents issued by Greek institutions of secondary, further and higher education, as well as related official bodies, including medical authorities (medical training), in Greece
  • English language certificates issued by the University of Cambridge, Edexcel, ESB, etc.

Please note:

  • Submission of the original document(s) is a requirement.
  • In the case of translation from English into Greek, we can only translate after we have verified the authenticity of the English document with the issuing body.
  • Translation of certificates issued by the University of Cambridge normally takes 1–3 working days including the verification process (courier dispatch is not included in this). For details of our express service, please see 'Special Cases'.
  • Translation of other documents normally takes 3–5 working days including the verification process as set out above (courier dispatch is not included in this).

Verification services

We only verify documents issued by British bodies that have official or recognised academic or professional status in the UK.

For further information, please read our Code of practice (PDF, 174 kb).

Please note:

  • Submission of the original document(s) is a requirement.
  • We can only verify after we have confirmation of the authenticity of the original document from the issuing body. For this purpose, you may be asked to sign our Consent form (PDF, 66 kb).
  • Verification normally takes 3–5 working days (courier dispatch is not included in this).

Special Cases

Unlisted documents/bodies

In the case of documents not included in the full list of documents or our Code of practice (PDF, 174 kb), please contact us for information.

Destroyed/lost University of Cambridge English language certificates

If you have lost your University of Cambridge language certificate, or if it has been destroyed, we can issue a British Council statement stating your name, level and the date you took the examination. This involves a search of the records kept by us or by the relevant examination body.

Depending on the examination centre, this may take 1–5 working days (courier dispatch is not included in this).

Express service for University of Cambridge language certificates

If you can’t wait the normal 1–3 days for us to translate/verify your University of Cambridge document(s), we offer an express service.

Simply bring your original document(s) to our office in Athens or Thessaloniki and we will deal with your translation/verification on the same day: we will verify your document(s) while you wait and you will be able to collect the translation after 12.30.

Please note that our express service for verification is only available for language certificates verified according to records kept by us.

How to submit and receive your document(s)

You can submit and receive your document(s) by visiting one of our offices or by sending your document(s) by courier:

Visit our office in Athens or Thessaloniki

Visit our office in Athens or Thessaloniki to submit and/or collect your documents. Before visiting our office in Thessaloniki, please contact our call centre to book an appointment.

  • Athens (Monday to Friday, 09.00–14.30)
    Customer services
    British Council
    17 Kolonaki Square
    106 73 Athens
    Call centre* 801 500 3692** and +30 210 369 2333
    Fax +30 210 363 0481
  • Thessaloniki (Monday to Friday, 09.00–14.30)
    Document translation and verification services
    British Council
    43 Tsimiski Street
    546 23 Thessaloniki
    Call centre* 801 500 3692** and +30 210 369 2333
    Fax +30 2310 241 960

* Our call centre operates Monday to Friday, 10.00–17.00.

** Calls from anywhere in Greece are charged at local rate.

Send your documents document(s) by ACS Courier

Alternatively, you can send your document(s) to either office by ACS Courier:

  1. Call ACS to arrange for the pick-up of your document(s) at your convenience:

    All-Greece: 801 500 1111 & 210 819 0000

    A full list of ACS branches can be found at

    Please note that ACS offers special courier rates to our customers: see our downloadable list of fees below.

  2. Inform the courier agent who collects your document(s) that the British Council will pay the courier fee*.
  3. We will contact you to confirm receipt of your document(s) and the overall fee before proceeding to verification/translation.
  4. ACS will deliver the verified/translated document(s) to you (courier delivery time: 1–2 working days).

* The cost of the courier service is included in the final fee. However, it is important that you inform the courier agent that the British Council will pay for the courier service so that you can make use of the special courier rates offered exclusively to our customers. Please note that optional courier services (e.g. Saturday, morning or time-specific delivery) are not included.

Please also enclose the following: 

1. Our Request form (PDF, 170 kb) or a signed letter stating:

  • the document holder’s name exactly as it appears on their passport or identity card in both the original language (e.g. Greek) and English (if different)
  • the service you require
  • your daytime and mobile phone numbers
  • your address (if the documents will not be received by the document holder in person, please also indicate the name of the recipient).

2. The original document(s) you want translated/verified.

3. If you submit a document issued by a UK educational institution, please enclose a signed copy of our Consent form (PDF, 66 kb).

4. If you have had the same document(s) translated/verified by the British Council in the past, please enclose photocopies of the translation/verification.

Failure to provide the documents and information required as specified above may result in a delay in the translation/verification process.

How to pay translation and verification fees

Fees can be paid in cash or by credit card on submission of your document(s) at our Athens office only.

Otherwise, fees are paid upon completion of the verification/translation procedure in one of the following two ways (please follow the instructions below exactly):

Bank payment

Pay by direct deposit to the British Council account at Alpha Bank.

You can do this at any Alpha Bank branch or via web banking through your own bank. A full list of Alpha Bank branches, including branches operating in the afternoon, can be found at

Account number: 7140 0200 2002 275

IBAN: GR85 0140 7140 7140 0200 2002 275


  • You must quote the name of the document holder in the 'Αιτιολογία' field on the deposit slip.
  • Keep the bank payment slip.

Payment on receipt of your document(s)

  • Pay the courier agent when your original document(s) and the verification/translation are delivered to you.
  • Keep the courier payment slip.


By choosing our translation and verification services you enjoy:

  • high quality services
  • international credibility
  • time efficiency as all the necessary procedures are completed in one place.

Our translation fees start from €9.00 per translated page (250 words). These fees do not include the required translation certification fee. 

Our verification fees start from €8.00 per document.


 Type of document Document
Translation &
A single-page transcript of grades issued by a British educational institution €12.00 €23.00 €35.00
A single-page certificate of studies issued by a Greek educational institution N/A €25.50 €25.50
A package of three pages issued by a Greek educational institution/body N/A

€14.00/translated page

€16.00/certification per set of documents

From €58.00

For further information, please refer to the downloadable Document translation and verification fees document below.

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