A teacher accessing a British Council online teacher training course on her tablet

Whether you’re an experienced English language teacher or are just about to embark on a career in teaching, we can help you become a successful professional. Our online teacher training courses and self-study modules offer flexible study options to meet your training and development needs.

Assess your teaching skills with our self-assessment tool

Use our online self-assessment tool to reflect on where you are now in your teaching career and get recommendations on where to focus next.

Take a free module

Start your online training with our free modules:

Each module provides three hours of self-access learning and will help you get to know the platform and learning environment. You will also have the opportunity to interact with other teachers online and use the forum to discuss your learning.

Self-study modules and full tutored courses

We offer a wide range of online courses covering areas such as primary and secondary teaching, learning technologies and a variety of other subjects.

Choose from over 70 self-study modules and full moderated courses to develop your knowledge and skills, and take your teaching to the next level:

  • Individual self-study modules
    Build your own programme from our extensive range of three-hour self-study training modules.
  • Full moderated courses
    Choose from a range of courses that are made up of modules on a specific teaching theme and are facilitated by an experienced international moderator.