A young woman revising in the library at a UK university

Are you interested in undertaking a UK foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate course? Or perhaps you’re a parent who wants to give your child a head start?

Find out about the wide choice of English-medium schools and the range of UK higher education courses available right here in Greece:

  • nursery, primary and secondary schools
  • foundation courses and GCE examinations
  • undergraduate and below degree courses
  • postgraduate courses (including MBAs)
  • professional qualifications.

Primary and secondary schools

Children can get a head start by attending an English-medium nursery, primary or secondary school in Greece.

To find out more, download our primary and secondary schools information sheet (PDF, 111 kb).

Foundation courses and GCE examinations

These are a one-year university preparation courses specially designed for international students. They are for school leavers who have studied a non-British curriculum, but wish to undertake a degree in the UK.

To find out more, download our foundation courses and GCE examinations information sheet (PDF, 151 kb).

Undergraduate and below degree courses

The most popular undergraduate qualifications are Bachelor's degrees (also called undergraduate or first degrees), which are required for entry into a wide range of careers in the UK and other countries. British degree programmes incorporate up-to-date subject developments, and are underpinned by world-class research and links with business and industry. At Oxford, Cambridge and the Scottish universities, a first degree in arts is a Master of Arts (MA).

To find out more, download our undergraduate courses information sheet (PDF, 206 kb).

Postgraduate courses (including MBAs)

There are two main types of taught postgraduate course: Master's programmes, which normally consist of classes and seminars plus a dissertation, and diploma or certificate courses, which consist of classes and seminars (sometimes the same taught elements as a Master's course), but with no dissertation. Some diploma courses enable you to transfer to a Master's degree when you have successfully completed them.

To find out more, download our postgraduate courses and MBAs information sheet (PDF, 243 kb).

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