What is Alumni UK?

Alumni UK is the new global network for people from around the world who have studied in the UK as an overseas student. By joining Alumni UK, you can grow your worldwide professional network, continue learning and share your experience and expertise with others. You will find resources to develop your career and new opportunities to help you succeed. It’s also a place where you can celebrate your connection to the UK and keep up to date with UK culture and the English language.

UK alumni are among the most employable graduates in the world. Thirty eight per cent of Nobel laureates who studied abroad did so in the UK. Join us as we build the largest UK alumni community, connecting people who studied at any UK university and find out how Alumni UK can help you achieve your goals.

Reasons to join Alumni UK

  • Attend exclusive industry events and masterclasses.
  • Keep learning to advance your career.
  • Find new opportunities.
  • Showcase your skills on a global stage.
  • Connect with other UK alumni and build your network.


  • All international UK alumni from any UK university, on any course, in any year are encouraged to join.
  • You need to have spent at least one term at a UK higher education institution enrolled on a credit-bearing course. This includes transnational or online education.

Read the success stories of Greek alumni of UK universities

From left: Maria Nefeli Chatziioannidou, Panagiotis Kyriakopoulos and Dr Sozita Goudouna
From left: Maria Nefeli Chatziioannidou, Panagiotis Kyriakopoulos and Dr Sozita Goudouna

Maria Nefeli Chatziioannidou

  • University of Northampton: Master of Arts in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Maria Nefeli Chatziioannidou is a social entrepreneur and founder of the social enterprise Great Women (Yperoxes Gynaikes), the first online women’s community in Greece. It aims to empower women, raise awareness of society’s problems and motivate women to participate in activities that have a positive impact on the society. Now in its third year of operation, it is a community of more than 145,000 members.

Maria Nefeli believes that her UK education experience has helped her reach her full potential by allowing her to explore her strengths and equipping her with the skills and knowledge needed to deal with complicated problems.

Maria Nefeli’s aim is to focus on actions that will create equal opportunities for all women in Greece.

Panagiotis Kyriakopoulos

  • Strathclyde Business School: Master of Science in International Management

Panagiotis Kyriakopoulos is the lead in a series of research activities (e.g. capacity building workshops) that assist entrepreneurs at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey to internationalise. Panagiotis’ research has also been instrumental in generating an enabling entrepreneurial ecosystem in the field of technology parks that fosters networking and innovation.

Panagiotis feels that his UK education has provided him with excellent analytical and communication skills, the ability to work well both on his own and with others, and the ability to seek and critically evaluate material from different sources, showing originality of thought and expression.

Panagiotis is now using his expertise to advise the Hellenic War Museum on how to create an Innovation Museum within the new technological parks in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Dr Sozita Goudouna

  • London Metropolitan University: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with Theatre
  • Kings College London and Royal Academy of Art (RADA): Master of Arts in English (Text and Performance Studies) and Directing 
  • Royal Holloway, University of London: Doctor of Philosophy in Visual and Performing Arts

Sozita Goudouna is one of the leading Greek curators in New York and Founding Director of Greece in USA, a non-profit organisation for the promotion of Greek culture in the USA. She envisions a new way of practising cultural diplomacy by exploring topics that reflect contemporary concerns and the ways in which Greek artists approach the social and cultural changes that are taking place globally.

Sozita believes that it is primarily the diffusion and exchange of ideas and knowledge with unique mentors and art experts at UK universities that has contributed to her successful professional and personal development.

As a staunch advocate for the impact that culture and education can have on social engagement and progress, Sozita is committed to projects that demonstrate the crucial links between art and public life.


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