English courses for companies

Our highly qualified and experienced team of trainers deliver business English courses tailored specifically to meet the needs of corporate clients in Greece.

We offer business-oriented English language courses, business skills courses and refresher courses for companies, organisations and institutions, as well as for individual employees. Our extensive experience in this area allows us to work with you effectively to achieve your goals.

Courses can be delivered on your premises on dates and at times that are convenient for you.


Whatever the type of training, we follow a set of key training principles. We ensure that our training is relevant, with carefully selected materials and work-related role plays and simulations.

Learning is highly interactive and caters for all learning styles, with pair and group tasks included in every course. We believe that training should be fun and enjoyable because this promotes team-building and ensures that new ideas from the course are more easily recalled at work.

How do we teach?

We believe that the most effective form of teaching is:

  • active: emphasises learning by doing
  • interactive: uses discussion and debate
  • relevant: focuses on real life issues
  • collaborative: employs group work and co-operative learning
  • participative: gives people a say in their own learning.

Starting your training

It's a simple process to set up your course. The first step is to book a needs analysis session with our Business Development Manager, after which we will send you a formal training proposal.

Further information

If you would like to find out more about our business English courses, please contact us.