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If you or your children want to study general English or prepare for one of the Cambridge English exams or the IELTS test, our Kolonaki Teaching Centre is the perfect place to start.

Conveniently located in central Athens, the centre offers a wide range of English language courses designed to meet the needs of young learners, teenagers and adults, as well as the only official IELTS preparation course in Greece.

Kolonaki Teaching Centre courses

For children and teenagers

For adults


Courses for children and teenagers 2023–24

Semester 1 11 September 2023–22 June 2024

Courses for adults 2023–24

Course 1 9 October – 14 December 2023
Course 2 15 January – 28 March 2024
Course 3 8 April – 1 July 2024

We also run monthly IELTS preparation classes.

Holidays 2023–24

Holiday 28 October 2023
Christmas 25 December 2023 – 6 January 2024 inclusive
Holiday 18 March 2024
Holiday 25 March 2024
Western Easter 28 March – 1 April 2024 inclusive
Easter 29 April – 11 May 2024 inclusive
Holiday 24 June 2024
Holiday 15–16 August 2024

Please note that we observe both Greek and British public holidays. A list of dates will be made available at the beginning of each semester.

Contact and location

Call Centre Hours

Days Regular operating hours Non-teaching weeks
Monday–Friday 09.00–17.00 09.00–17.00
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

Customer Services Hours

Days Regular opening hours Non-teaching weeks
Monday–Friday To be announced To be announced
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

Teaching Centre Hours

Days Regular opening hours Non-teaching weeks
Monday–Thursday 16.00–22.00 Closed
Friday 16.00–19.00 Closed
Saturday 08.30–17.30 Closed
Sunday Closed Closed


British Council
17 Kolonaki Square
106 73 Athens

We are located centrally in Kolonaki Square – a short walk from Syntagma and Evangelismos metro stations.


Our Kolonaki Teaching Centre has nine fully equipped classrooms with state-of-the-art teaching resources, including:

  • interactive whiteboards
  • Internet access
  • tablets
  • reading materials
  • video conferencing facilities.