Friday 27 September 2019 to Saturday 23 November 2019
State of Concept Athens

We are delighted to support Turner Prize nominees Forensic Architecture’s first solo exhibition in Greece, entitled Violence, Fast and Slow at State of Concept Athens, curated by iLiana Fokianaki. The exhibition is an overview of the agency’s varied and interdisciplinary practices. They will introduce a wide-ranging body of international casework which is focused on a core aspect of their research, which they call ‘cartographies of violence’.

On the ground floor of State of Concept, Forensic Architecture investigations grounded in the geopolitical specificity of Israel/Palestine will highlight cases that deal with the role of the state in the murder of civilians, the use of herbicidal warfare and the destruction of indigenous cultural heritage. The projects presented on the lower floor, undertaken in collaboration with Forensic Oceanography, focus on investigations that track the criminalisation of NGOs undertaking search and rescue operations in the central Mediterranean by Italian and Libyan authorities.



Friday 27 September 2019, 20.00–23.00


Saturday 28 September–Saturday 23 November 2019

  • Wednesday–Friday, 16.30–20.30
  • Saturday, 12.00–17.00

Forensic Architecture: Violence, Fast and Slow


Saturday 28 September 2019, 18.30–20.30

The Contemporary State and its New Agents of Violence
with Angela Dimitrakaki, iLiana Fokianaki, Stefanos Levidis (Forensic Architecture) and Gene Ray


Saturday 5 October 2019, 18.30–20.30

Violence In Greece: The Mirror And The Knife
with iLiana Fokianaki, Anna Kouroupou, Maria Louka and Yiannis Baboulias


Monday 18 November 2019, 18.30–20.30

Greece: Borders and the Refugee Crisis
with Athena Athanasiou (Professor of Social Anthropology at Panteion University), Stefanos Levidis (Forensic Architecture), Epaminondas Farmakis (President of the NGO Human Rights 360) and Apostolos Fotiadis (journalist)

Where State of Concept Athens
19 Tousa Botsari Street
117 41 Athens

About Forensic Architecture

Forensic Architecture (FA) is a research agency based at Goldsmiths, University of London, consisting of architects, artists, filmmakers, journalists, software developers, scientists, lawyers and an extended network of collaborators from a wide variety of fields and disciplines. Founded in 2010 by Professor Eyal Weizman, Forensic Architecture is committed to the development and dissemination of new evidentiary techniques, and undertakes advanced architectural and media investigations on behalf of international prosecutors, human rights and civil society groups, as well as political and environmental justice organisations, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, B’tselem, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the UN, among others.

‘Forensic architecture’ is also an emergent academic field that refers to the production and presentation of architectural evidence in legal forums, including courts, and for advocacy purposes.

Through their detailed and critical investigations, Forensic Architecture presents how public truth is produced – technologically, architecturally and aesthetically – and how it can be used to confront authority and expose new forms of state-led violence.

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