Tuesday 27 March 2018 to Friday 15 June 2018
Agricultural University of Athens

Organised and produced by the Onassis Cultural Centre and supported by the British Council, the Geometries exhibition is curated by locus athens.

The Agricultural University of Athens will open its doors to the public for a contemporary art exhibition inviting the public to discover the unknown eco-system of the University grounds.

Have you ever explored the vast gardens of the Agricultural University? Do the visual arts have a role to play in university life? Can you imagine Athens as a ‘green’ city? locus athens aims to re-introduce Athenians to the Agricultural University, one of the country’s oldest academic institutions, as a relevant and necessary oasis within the urban landscape.

The soil, food, seeds and eco-systems of the gardens will constitute some of the vital bi-products of research into the raw materials available in the University grounds. Academic knowledge, technological methodologies and agricultural practices will be understood through the prism of contemporary art.

A walk through the grounds will be both a visual and discursive feast as in parallel with the exhibition, a programme of events and activities activating different layers and sites of academic life will sow and reap knowledge throughout the three-month duration of the exhibition.

Celine Condorelli and Standart Thinking are just two of the British artists who have been invited to reflect on the University grounds and create new landscapes.


For further information, please contact Maria Papaioannou:

Telephone 210 3692 336

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