Wednesday 03 April 2019 to Sunday 07 April 2019
Technopolis, Athens

Relax and Release – a not-to-be-missed interactive digital installation – will be exhibited at this year’s Athens Science Festival.

Created to encourage movement and play, Relax and Release is an interactive digital installation where audiences are invited to take a journey through the states of relaxation and release, immersed in colourful visuals and ambient sounds, facilitating exploration of the body’s movement without constraints or directions. The installation is a participatory experience aiming to enhance the connection with the emotional, the abstract, the mysterious and perhaps also the magical aspects of the human body and mind.

The generative visuals and sounds used are designed to respond differently to each participant’s movements, meaning that the visual and acoustic outcome of the piece is created entirely by the audience. The experience will reward audience interactivity – the more people interact, the greater the visual and acoustic reward they will have.

Relax and Release was initially commissioned by the Tate Museum and has been showcased at the Oxo Tower in London and at the Lightwaves festival in Manchester. The project is a collaboration between Kimatica Studio (Maria Almena and Nestor Rubio) and Magik Door (Augustine Leudar).


For further information, please contact Vangelis Kravvaritis:

Telephone 210 3692 361

Supported by the British Embassy in Athens

On the occasion of British Council’s 80th anniversary celebrations in Greece