The Street Value of Science poster
Thursday 12 September 2013 to Friday 27 September 2013
Patras, Athens, Heraklion, Volos & Thessaloniki

As part of the Researchers’ Night 2013 activities we're organising this year, we're proud to present an unexpected encounter between Professor Thanasis Konstantopoulos and the dynamic blues-rock music group Nick and the Backbone, in a unique coming together of science, technology and music.

How can we produce 'solar fuels'? What are 'green spices'? How do we barbeque nano-particles? Can we live without researchers and, finally, what is the 'street value of science’?

We're delighted to invite you to this original event, blending music with science in a relaxing and pleasant environment, at which Professor Thanasis Konstantopoulos, CERTH (The Centre for Research & Technology Hellas), will present topical scientific issues in a simple and comprehensive manner, supported by live music by the group Nick and the Backbone.

Professor Thanasis Konstantopoulos is President of the Board of CERTH (the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas) in Thermi, Thessaloniki, and Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has received numerous awards for his research work, including the Descartes 2006 Award, as well as the European Research Council Advanced Grant in 2010. He is a fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers and a member of the management board of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. He has conceived the music-scientific happening, Blue Science Café.

Nick and the Backbone is a blues-rock group created in 1995 by Nikos Ntounousis, who is very well known among blues music fans in Europe as a virtuoso guitarist and a founding member of the band Blues Wire. Nick and the Backbone is one of the most dynamic blues-rock groups in Europe, with a long history and numerous collaborations with international blues music artists. One of the top 30 groups at the Playcrossroads competition in the USA, Nick and the Backbone today are comprised of Nikos Ntounousis (electric guitar/vocals), Dimitris Gialamas (bass), Nikos Vargiamidis (drums) and Thanasis Konstantopoulos (electric guitar).

Admission is free.

Programme of performances

Date Venue
12 September Little Prince
150 Feraiou Riga Street
13 September The Hub Events
5 Alkminis Street
18 September Saint Mark's Basilica
25th August Street
20 September Café Santan
Polyxwros Tsalapata (Notia Pylh)
27 September Science Centre and Technology Museum 'NOESIS'
6th km Thessaloniki–Thermi Road

In collaboration with CERTH (the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas), the National Centre for Scientific Research 'Demokritos', the Science Centre and Technology Museum of Thessaloniki 'NOESIS', the University of Patras, the Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH) and the University of Thessaly.

The performance in Athens is being held in collaboration with The Hub Science.