Think Social. Act business.
Thursday 28 June 2012
Loft2Work, Athens

In partnership with social enterprise Loft2Work, we're launching a workshop series called Think Social. Act Business. aimed at creating awareness and knowledge exchange around social entrepreneurship in Greece.

The workshop series is an ongoing project and has four core elements:

  • raising awareness around social entrepreneurship as part of an ecosystem in both local and global contexts as well as among informal communities
  • developing and implementing knowledge based on UK and international experiences in social enterprise development (impact analysis/measurement, business models, business strategy, engagement of stakeholders, sustainability)
  • fostering research into the social economy (collaborative environments, trends, social/sustainable banks, emerging markets)
  • creating opportunities for international and partnering social enterprises, government institutions and communities in the UK with their counterparts in Greece to develop and share new approaches to address social, economic and environmental problems through social enterprise.


The first workshop will be run by venture manager Jenny Prosser, who has been working with the company Ashoka, an international organisation working in the field of social entrepreneurship since 2011.

When Thursday 28 June 2012
Where Loft2Work
38 Iera Odos
104 35 Athens

Startup Live Athens

Within the framework of this new project, we are also supporting the three-day entrepreneurial event Startup Live Athens, a non-profit initiative organised by a group of volunteers with professional and business experience.

Aspiring entrepreneurs will present their business ideas in the areas of cultural or social entrepreneurship, which may be in the early or more advanced stages of either development or implementation, and will be invited to participate in a pitch training workshop before the actual event in order to prepare for the presentation on 8 June.

At the event itself, participants will have three minutes to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of judges and the audience. Prizes will be awarded for the three best startup ideas. These include tickets to the Pioneers Festival, the European startup festival, taking place in Vienna this Autumn.

Among the mentors are Gabriela Albescu, Managing Director of The Hub Worldwide and Alexis Komselis, Director of the ALBA Hub for Enterprise & Development. The panel of judges includes Theophilos Vassiliadis, co-founder of and GroupIMI, and Tassos Pagkakis, Head of Communications, Ericsson Hub Southeastern Europe.

The event is open to anyone or to any group, whether their idea is in the early stages of development or in early implementation.

This event is taking place under the auspices of the British Council, the German-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Global Shapers Athens Hub, Repower Greece, Sandbox, Starteurope and Startup Greece.

When 8–10 June 2012
Where ALBA Graduate Business School at the American College of Greece
6–8 Xenias Street
115 28 Athens
Telephone 210 896 4531–8