Aptis for hotels and travel agencies

It’s easy to assess and measure English skills development in your organisation with Aptis. An internationally benchmarked English test, Aptis is flexible enough to be delivered in any environment and is suitable for any candidate regardless of their current skill level.

As a hotel, travel agency or F&B company, you can complement your current English development programme with an Aptis assessment. Used at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of any training course, Aptis can accurately evaluate the progress of test takers.

You can also use Aptis as an audit tool to identify the training needs of different groups of employees.

We can customise Aptis to meet your needs.

Why choose Aptis?

  • Aptis can be delivered conveniently at a location and time of your choice saving you time when scheduling.
  • Aptis is structured to assess different language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening with grammar and vocabulary at its core.
  • You only choose what’s relevant for your business.
  • Aptis is available for multiple mediums including tablets and computers making it versatile for multiple locations.
  • Aptis can assess different language proficiency levels from A1 to C level, enabling you to accurately assess both people with very strong and very weak levels of English in the same test and at the same time.