FameLab 2015 finalists ready to hear the final results

FameLab has a wide variety of national partners throughout the world, without which the competition would not be possible.

By partnering with and supporting FameLab you will join a line-up of leading organisations and individuals who appreciate the work that FameLab does and value its influence across a wide area of science communication.

Partnering with FameLab means:

  • access to a fantastic FameLab alumni network of some of the best young science communicators in Greece
  • helping to make sure that science and engineering are promoted at grassroots level
  • contributing to the development of young talent
  • leading the way for organisations and companies to recognise the value of public engagement in science.

If you’re interested in becoming associated with this exciting and world-leading programme to identify, train and mentor tomorrow’s science and engineering communicators, please contact us.

Get involved with this fantastic competition and work with us to take it to the next level!