Speaking & Listening course

Our Speaking and Listening courses help you better follow and participate in conversations. You will learn more than stock phrases: we will teach you the language you need to speak with greater fluency in a wide variety of situations. You will improve your speaking skills by participating in role-plays, mini-presentations, debates and discussions.

Speaking and Listening takes you through the most common English language speaking and listening skills required in the modern world. Are you worried about visiting an English-speaking country? Would you like to improve the way you get your message across in conversation? Speaking and Listening builds your confidence in these areas and much more.

Course information

  • Levels

    • A (for beginners and elementary learners)
    • B1 (for intermediate and upper intermediate learners)
    • C (for advanced and proficiency learners)
  • Course fees

    €260* per ten-week course

    * €50 discount if you also register for our General English course.

  • Course length

    20 hours over ten weeks, one lesson of 2 hours a week.

    The course is offered in person

Kolonaki Teaching Centre
Course dates & timetables


19.00–21.00         OR
Course A 10 October – 12 December 2023 12 October – 14 December 2023

Exact timetable will depend on level.

For further information about the academic calendar and holidays, please see our Kolonaki Teaching Centre page.

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