A piece of abstract art featuring the texts ‘Circular Cultures' and ‘Topographies of Waste’
Thursday 03 March 2022 to Friday 04 March 2022

For the 4th consecutive year, we are working in partnership with Onassis Stegi to explore the issue of the circular economy in the fields of design, fashion, architecture, entrepreneurship and city interventions through the lens of waste recovery.

How can we rethink and, more importantly, redesign our world so that we can have environmental justice, produce and use sustainable technologies, and develop the resilience that our era demands?

Designers, artists, scientists and academics will look at waste through the topographies of urban systems. They will explore sustainable urban practices and showcase important city design projects that serve communities while promoting equity and social justice. Taking our rapidly expanding cities – our land – as a starting point, the programme will focus on waste management through the spectrum of food, water and nature, and highlight the correlation between consumption and making or creating.

Our invited speakers will examine different waste management systems and suggest design solutions to the visible environmental and social challenges that waste creates. They will showcase networks and initiatives that promote resilience and boost social capital by raising awareness of the climate emergency and its impact on cities.

The first day of the programme will explore these issues through keynote talks, panel discussions and interviews on three distinct themes: our urban water systems, our food consumption and the innovative practices of creative urban communities. The second day will offer a series of workshops and masterclasses that will give participants the opportunity to become more familiar with innovative examples of the circular practices of emerging design professionals.


Conference Thursday 3 March 2022, 14.00–19.00 Register 
Workshops and
Friday 4 March 2022, 11.00–16.00 Register

Download the full conference programme and workshop descriptions in the ‘Documents’ section below.

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Confirmed speakers include:

About Circular Cultures

Circular Cultures is a new British Council sustainable design and creative economies programme in EU Europe, which aims to promote greater awareness around sustainable design, circularity and making cultures. It aims to embed a more critical dialogue around design and circularity, develop the skills and knowledge of creative leaders, and create new EU networks around sustainability and circularity.

In Greece, Circular Cultures is organised in collaboration with Onassis Stegi and is an integral part of the broader collaboration between the British Council and the Onassis Foundation aimed at the development of an ongoing and action-oriented public space for ethical crafts, circular design, materials and fashion sustainability.

Circular Cultures is part of the British Council global programme Making Matters, which aims to foster a global dialogue around the topic of circular design. The multi-disciplinary programme explores how principles of the circular economy can be a catalyst for creativity, collaboration and regenerative thinking within architecture, design and fashion practice.


For further information, please contact us:

Maria Papaioannou Maria.Papaioannou@britishcouncil.gr | 210 369 2336
Katerina Galani Katerina.Galani@britishcouncil.gr | 210 369 2386

Circular Cultures: Topographies of Waste is co-produced with Onassis Stegi.

In collaboration with the British Embassy in Athens.

With the support of PCAI Polygreen Culture & Art Initiative.

Interpretation into Greek Sign Language is supported by Onassis Stegi within the framework of the European network Europe Beyond Access, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.