Culture Shift: Technology Meets Art

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Friday 06 March 2015 to Sunday 08 March 2015

In partnership with Snook and Google, and in collaboration with Future Library, we're hosting the first Culture Shift lab in Athens from 6 to 8 March 2015. The event will be held at the Media Lab of the Municipal Library of Ilioupoli.

What is Culture Shift?

Culture Shift is a British Council programme. A Culture Shift lab is similar to a hack weekend, where business ideas are generated and tested over a short period of time by designers, developers, innovators, individuals and groups from the local cultural sector.

Why Culture Shift?

Culture Shift labs have been held in countries all over the world – including Kenya, South America, South Africa and Egypt – helping stimulate cultural economies across the globe since 2011. The model has a proven track record of stimulating innovation in the cultural sector worldwide – and we’re now bringing it to Athens!

Research has shown that while a limited segment of Greek society is aware of and benefits from digital technology, the adoption of online services is slower as compared to average European rates*.

*Source: Making the internet thrive in Greece, Costas Troulos, Elias Demian, Aggelos Tsakanikas, December 2012, Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research

Our aims

We're looking to develop a range of ideas and digital prototypes that solve or build on challenges regarding the cultural sector in Greece. These will be submitted by both the public and people within the arts sector, and will have an emphasis on how technology and social media platforms can be incorporated to support this. Themes could include but are not limited to:

  • How do we develop new audiences for libraries and museums?
  • How can new business models be used to attract European partners?
  • Accessing archives using digital technology
  • Stimulating collaborations in the cultural sector
  • Sustainability of museums and art organisations

Digital prototypes and ideas will be presented to a panel of judges on the final day of the lab. Winners will be awarded prizes in order to allow them to continue further development of their concept.

How will it work?

The Culture Shift lab is a free event. It will take place over three days and will include ice-breaker sessions, guided workshops and free development time. There will also be a number of flash talks from other digital innovators and leading figures within the cultural sector, both via Skype and in person at the event.

We're inviting up to 60 people to attend and are seeking a diverse mix of skills and experience, including design, digital development, innovators, entrepreneurs and knowledge of the cultural sector in Athens and in Greece as a whole.

Who should get involved?

Anyone! Though we're particularly looking for people from the following areas:

  • Designers (product, service, graphic, web, UX, UI, systems)
  • Developers (web development, software development, coding, app building, hardware hacking, data)
  • Entrepreneurs/Innovators (business development, strategy, marketing)
  • Cultural sector (artists, producers, cultural venue managers, festival directors, heritage organisations, libraries, museums)

How can I get involved?

There are three ways to get involved:

1. Submit a challenge/opportunity

We're looking for challenges and opportunities to be submitted by you. Even if you can’t make the event, we still want hear your challenge! Whoever you are, wherever you work – if you're passionate about technologies and the cultural sector in Greece, then submit your challenge!

Is there an issue in the cultural sector that needs solving? Or might there be a new opportunity? Could a new or existing technology transform or change a venue, asset or network within the cultural economy?

Starting with a challenge can be the best way to develop ideas and on the first day of the Culture Shift lab, we will collaborate to generate ideas that can be developed over the weekend.

Submit your challenge online.

2. Grab your free ticket to attend the weekend

Even if you haven’t got a challenge in mind, don’t worry – you don’t have to submit a challenge to participate in Culture Shift lab!

Did we mention the weekend is FREE? Book your place online now!

Please note that places for the Culture Shift lab are limited and should the event be oversubscribed, we will need to review ticket holders to ensure we have a balanced blend of skills over the weekend. We will confirm attendance at the beginning of March 2015.

3. Attend the talks and presentations

The event is open to the public! You can apply online to attend the talks on Friday evening and the presentations on Sunday afternoon. We will inform you of the speaker times over the next few weeks.

If you have booked a ticket to attend the entire weekend, you do not need to sign up for another ticket here.

Deadline for challenge submissions and registrations: Sunday 1 March 2015

Who is running the lab?

In collaboration with Future Library

Culture Shift Evaluation Report

Our evaluation report (PDF, 4 mb) details the impact of the Culture Shift: Technology Meets Art project, which took place in Greece, Spain and Cyprus (2015 and 2016). It also outlines the programme’s objectives and approach, as well as its significance for the cultural and entrepreneurial sector.


British Council Maria Papaioannou & 210 369 2336
Media Lab of the Municipality of Ilioupoli 210 994 8344

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