Designing Creative Synergies Conference © Onur Ozkaya

Onur Ozkaya

Monday 21 March 2016 to Tuesday 22 March 2016

On creative and cultural industries

Design gives Value. Wherever applied – designing a process, a product or a service – it builds power through consistency and awareness. Successful design is about narrating a story, verbally as well as visually. In this light, design, as a structured creative process, is a competitive tool of major importance for companies and entrepreneurs. Getting noticed is the key for business success stories.

At this third Designing Creative Synergies Conference, local stakeholders from industry, businesses and academia, as well as policy makers, international designers and professionals from the creative industries sector, will have the opportunity to come together in order to explore and promote international creative synergies, with the prospect of setting up a Forum for Creative Synergies to support the co-ordination of various relevant initiatives.

Don’t miss the presentation on Digital Materialism by our invited speaker from the UK Onur Ozkaya, a practising designer and lecturer at the Cambridge School of Art and the Chelsea College of Art in London.

Find out more about the invited speakers, the conference programme and partners on the conference website.