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Saturday 14 June 2014 to Sunday 15 June 2014

As part of West Side Story organised by Parallaxi and Thessaloniki Differently

We invite you to take part in yet another collaborative activity we're organising in partnership with the free press magazine Parallaxi and the Thessaloniki Differently initiative, focusing on an important although unknown and unexplored area of Thessaloniki, formerly known as Tsair, which is situated near the western entrance to the city.

The West Side Story activity will take place as part of a two-day programme of activities, which will include cultural events, architectural installations, guided tours of the area and proposals for its future development, to be announced soon on the Parallaxi website.

As part of the programme, we have the pleasure of presenting – for the first time in Greece – the British Council’s Future City Game, an interactive team-based game designed to create new thinking and actions to improve the quality of life in cities, areas and neighbourhoods.

Travelling through 15 countries and more than 90 neighbourhoods around Europe, from Glasgow to Moscow and from Helsinki to Thessaloniki, the game has one sole aim: to encourage wider thinking and participation of citizens in dealing with the long term challenges in the areas where they live.

The mission of the game in Thessaloniki is to generate the best idea on how to improve the quality of life in the area formerly known as Tsair, and we need your help to do this!

After registering to take part in the game, you can explore the area and present your idea in front of an audience, or take part in the voting process to select the best idea. The terms and conditions of the game, along with details of the registration procedure will soon be available on the Parallaxi website.

About Future City Game

Led by a trained facilitator, the games master, players are organised into teams. The games master gives players a set of tools to help them work together and develop ideas. At the end of the game, the ideas are presented to the audience. Everyone involved votes on the best ideas and we all  think about how they can be taken forward once the game has ended.


For further information, please contact us:

Parallaxi 2310 429 050
British Council 2310 378 314 & Chrysoula.Melidou@britishcouncil.gr