Poster for the Love Unbound Festival
Sunday 26 March 2023 to Monday 27 March 2023
Ypsilon, Thessaloniki

The Love Unbound: Five Films for Freedom Festival makes its debut this March in Thessaloniki, dedicated to exploring and celebrating diverse LGBTQIA+ and gender equality experiences through the transformative power of arts and culture.

The festival is co-curated by the British Council and In-Edit Greece, and organised by Parenthesis with the support of the British Embassy Athens.

The festival focuses on our global programme Five Films for Freedom, which includes a collection of short LGBTQIA+ films from around the world. Through film screenings (Five Films for Freedom, More Films for Freedom and Greek and international short and feature films), panel discussions and workshops, the festival aims to open unbiased discussion on current equality gender issues based on ‘real life’ experiences through artistic outputs.

As part of the parallel programme of the Love Unbound Festival, there will be a series of discussions and workshops moderated by Stella Kasdagli, Co-founder and Gender Expert of the organisation Women on Top, and also with the participation of UK filmcurator Melanie Iredale, Director of the British organisation Birds EyeView, best known for its Reclaim the Frame x International programme and other acclaimed professionals.

The first edition of the festival seeks to spark a meaningful dialogue on the challenges of gender identity, promote understanding and empathy, and encourage action for a more inclusive and equal society.

The two-day programme will conclude with a series of live music sessions, DJ sets and parties.

The festival is curated by In-Edit Greece together with the British Council, with the support of the British Embassy in Athens, and will take place at Ypsilon in Thessaloniki.


For further information, please contact Maria Papaioannou:

Telephone 210 369 2336