Cambridge English results


All candidates that registered for the B2 First (for Schools) and C2 Proficiency for the December 2023 session and did not receive a pass grade are entitled to retake their exam in the May / June 2024 session with a 20% discount on the official exam fees of the specific session.

The results of paper-based exams will be available approximately two months after the written examinations.

The majority of computer-based examination results will be released two weeks after the test date. Any remaining results will be released during the following week. The final date for the release of results will be three weeks after the exams.

All candidates receive a Statement of Results which contains information on their score on the Cambridge English Scale for each of the four skills as well as their overall score, their grade for the overall exam and their CEFR level for the overall exam. Individual paper performance is not given to those candidates with grade X (absent from part of the exam), grade Z (absent from all of the exam), or PENDING (result to follow).

Individual candidates

Candidates who wish to be informed directly as soon as the results become available, may register to the University Results website here by using their ID number and Secret number printed on their timetable. Please note that candidates should retain their timetables until they have received their results. Candidates will also receive an sms notifying them that the results release period has begun.

English Language Preparation Centres

All preparation centres that register candidates for Cambridge English Qualifications will be able to access their students’ results and Statement of Results directly on the Cambridge English Preparation Centre website. Following registration, centres will receive an email with login details.

Please note that candidates who have registered through a centre can access their results via the Results Service for Candidates.


If you have passed your exam, your certificate will be sent to you approximately two months after your results are released.

  • If you registered through an English language preparation centre, your certificate will be sent to your school.
  • If you registered as an individual candidate, your certificate will be sent to your postal address.

Young learners

You will receive a statement of result approximately eight weeks after the date of your examination, with personalised feedback which will help you to understand what you need to do to move on to the next step of your language learning journey.   

You will also receive an award from Cambridge Assessment English, approximately two months after your results are released, showing your performance in each part of the test – Listening, Reading/Writing and Speaking.

For each part, you get one or more Cambridge shields (up to a maximum of five) so you could get a total of 15 shields for the whole test.

Document translation and verification service

If you wish to have your certificate verified and/or translated for use in the UK or in Greece, visit our document translation and verification page to find out more.

The Cambridge English Scale

From January 2015, Cambridge English started using a new way of reporting results for their exams that provide more detailed information about exam performance: the Cambridge English Scale.

The Cambridge English Scale is a range of scores used for reporting the results of the Cambridge English exams. It is designed to complement the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and allows for more straightforward results reporting across the Cambridge English exams and better meets the needs of all exam users, including candidates, teachers, universities and immigration departments.

Candidates receive a score for each skill (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) plus Use of English. They also get an overall score for the exam on the Cambridge English Scale.

For further information, please visit the Cambridge English website.

Results enquiries

If you feel that your exam was unfairly marked, Cambridge English has a vigorous and thorough Results Enquiry Procedure to ensure all components are checked and, if requested, re-marked. If you want to query your result, this must be submitted through the British Council on your behalf.

The Results Enquiry Procedure has two stages:

Stage What is the enquiry process? How long does it take? What does it cost? ***
1 A clerical re-check Approximately five days



A re-mark of all written papers* Approximately five weeks**
  • Α2 Key for Schools (KET): €100
  • B1 Preliminary (PET) for Schools:
  • B2 First (FCE) for Schools:
  • C1 Advanced (CAE):
  • C2 Proficiency (CPE):
  • B1 Business Preliminary (BEC): €100
  • B2 Business Vantage (BEC): €145
  • C1 Business Higher (BEC): €145

* Please note that this process does not apply to any Speaking test component.

** To request a Stage 2 enquiry, a candidate must have received their results and completed Stage 1 of the Results Enquiry Procedure.

*** The remarking process is not available to candidates at Cambridge English Young Learners Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers levels and for TKT modular teaching qualifications.