Additional health and safety measures

Thank you for your patience during these challenging times. It is now time to focus on your learning goals again and we look forward to seeing you and your kids soon.

We have extra health and safety measures in place in our teaching centres and exam venues.

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Icons informing about hand sanitisers and masks
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Measures in our teaching centres

Your health is our priority. Following government guidelines and in line with British Council standards, we aim to provide a safe learning environment for students and staff. We have put the following measures in place to make our teaching centres as safe as possible

Thorough cleaning

Αll areas are cleaned throughout the day. In classrooms, tabletops and the backs of chairs are cleaned and disinfected before every class.

Restricted entry

Only students and staff will be allowed entry to our teaching floors. We ask that parents, guardians or attendants accompany their child(ren) to the entrance of the British Council but not enter the building. British Council staff will ensure that students are guided to their classrooms. If you would like to speak to a member of the teaching centre, please call in advance to make an appointment or leave your details at Security on the ground floor and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Sanitization points

Sanitization points are located on each floor and in each classroom. Students, visitors and staff are encouraged to make regular use of these dispensers.

Increased ventilation

Classroom windows and doors will remain open to maximise natural ventilation. All classroom air conditioning units have been deep cleaned and will be used as required.

Right to refuse entry

Staff or customers with any of the symptoms below, or known to be in quarantine, will not be admitted into our premises:

  • fever
  • cough
  • shortness of breath
  • sore throat

Children who develop any of these symptoms will be asked to wait in a dedicated isolation space until they can be collected by their accompanying parent, guardian or attendant. Government guidelines will be followed in all cases.

Online learning

If face-to-face teaching is interrupted either because of a Covid-19 event or absence of the teacher, lessons will be delivered online until guidelines allow for resumption of face-to-face teaching.

Measures in our exam venues

The health of our test takers and staff is our priority. Before we open any test centre:

  • we ensure that we are following all local government safety guidelines as well as those of the British Council
  • we brief our test centre staff so they are up to date on what to do and how to prepare for the arrival of test takers.

We have put the following measures in place to make our test centres as safe as possible:

  • test venues will be cleaned thoroughly prior to each test session
  • in the case of computer-delivered tests all equipment will be sanitised prior to each session
  • our staff will be wearing masks and/or face visors
  • it is mandatory for all candidates to wear masks in all areas of the venue, e.g. waiting areas, registration and check-in areas, cloakroom areas, when being taken to their desks in the test room or when going to the bathroom. As cases of Covid-19 are on the rise again, in order to ensure heightened safety at the test venue, it is now required to wear masks throughout the whole test session – i.e. from entry into the exam venue to exit post-test. If you are exempt from wearing a mask for health reasons (e.g. asthma), you must provide a medical certificate confirming the exemption. This should be presented when you register on the day of the test
  • you must maintain a one and a half metre physical distance at all times
  • if you would like to, you may also wear latex gloves although this is not required
  • we will provide sanitisers throughout the test venue and we ask that all test takers use them regularly to help ensure a safe environment
  • we will not provide pens or pencils to test takers who will be asked to bring their own stationery on the test day.

Self-declaration of symptoms

Candidates with symptoms compatible with Covid-19 should not attend their test. We are including the link to the World Health Organisation’s website with general sanitary information and basic hygiene measures.

If a candidate shows symptoms prior to the test date, they should contact the Examination Centre in order to reschedule their exam to an alternative date.  

Before the start of the test candidates will be required to sign a self-declaration confirming that they are not in quarantine, have not been in contact with anyone suspected of Covid-19 in the past 5 days, and that they have no Covid-19 compatible symptoms.

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