An escalator at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam – Photo by Kelvin Han on Unsplash
An escalator at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam

Museums Revisited is a new British Council capacity building programme for the museum sector in the EU that aims to facilitate sustainable change as well as trigger cultural, social and economic development, and provide contemporary responses to global challenges. Above all, it aims to create a platform for exchange at a time of structural and financial crisis, facilitate a stronger network among key cultural institutions in the EU and the UK while exploring the role of museums in society today.

In Greece, the core activity of Museums Revisited is the CoMuseum International Conference.

As part of the programme, the Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy carried out an extensive qualitative research exercise engaging over 200 museums across Greece, Italy, Poland, and Romania, as well as in Portugal and Ireland. The research focused on the skills gaps, challenges and key learning needs in each country. It explored how museums have responded to the Covid-19 crisis, how their roles are changing, and the types of collaboration and exchange museums are prioritising.

Download the executive summary (PDF, 814 kb).

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