People listening to a speaker at a workshop

Our Shared Europe is our response to some of the major cultural challenges facing Europe today.

Working closely with international and local partners, the project creates opportunities to discuss and share our perspectives on issues such as diversity, migration, community cohesion, pluralism, and intercultural and interfaith dialogue in European societies.

It also seeks to find common ground and build shared values, perspectives and behaviours that are based on mutual respect and trust. In particular, it is about how to acknowledge the contribution of Islamic communities and cultures – past and present – to the shaping of contemporary European civilisation and society.

By recognising the rich and diverse roots of our culture and society, we build a more inclusive view of the continent that we all share and avoid a growing sense of alienation emerging between various communities across Europe.

As part of the project, we are organising a series of activities in Athens and Thessaloniki to support the ongoing dialogue on mutual respect and understanding with Muslim communities in Europe.

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