Sophia Sagia and Socratis Magnisalis, Athens

‘Once again you have excelled. Our students and their parents were very happy. Everything from venue choice to the supervisors and invigilators’ professionalism provided a synergy towards a great exam experience. Thank you!’

Mark Palmer, Neo Irakleio Attikis

‘You all deserve a word of appreciation for the excellent way in which the main suite exams were run this May. You were very well organised and British Council staff were helpful and friendly. Thank you: you made the examinations a pleasant rather than a traumatic experience for the candidates.’

Eleni Niarchou, Megara Attikis

‘As a school owner who has co-operated successfully with the British Council for many years, I was impressed by your seminar on 25 November 2012. It was professionally organised and I found both the comments and the interaction really helpful. It was also a good opportunity for the students to have their questions answered, as well as good support for the teachers.’

Agnes Katsianos, Ilioupoli Attikis

‘It is traditional for us at the Katsianos School to work with the British Council, particularly with regard to the Cambridge English exams. We have been co-operating for more than thirty years! Teachers, students and their parents alike are all aware of the immense importance of having a strong British Council by our side ready to support us with the Cambridge English exams, as well as our students' studies in Great Britain.

The administrative staff are all exceptional and conscientious workers, always ready to help us and show understanding, flexibility and sensitivity. We feel that the British Council believes in assisting us when it comes to our students’ welfare and the school’s in general.

In addition, TEFL lecturers are provided when asked, which is extremely supportive.

The British Council means a lot to us as it has been an integral part of our thriving school life for so many years!’

Dimitris Meletopoulos, Neo Irakleio Attikis

‘An obvious advantage of the computer-based exams is that they are held much later than the traditional paper-based ones, which gives candidates ample time to practise. Also, the fact that they [our students] can register just a fortnight prior to the exam when they feel absolutely confident shouldn’t go unnoticed. When it comes to such academic level studies as the Cambridge English: Proficiency, this is really important as it can determine students’ success.

My experience of the computer-based Cambridge English: Proficiency exam is rather positive. My learners enjoyed it and did their best. Regarding the organisation of the exam itself, everything was perfect. The staff were friendly and most helpful, and everything went according to schedule.

I would like to congratulate the British Council on introducing the computer-based version of the Cambridge English exams.’

Artemis Lioliou, Volos

‘The implementation of the British Council’s Child Protection Policy has helped to considerably improve the conditions at exam centres for all parties involved. Now child and teenage candidates take their breaks in specially designated areas, which allows them to remain focused on the task ahead; parents and teachers, on the other hand, no longer need to linger outside the exam centre while the examination is being carried out, as they can now rest assured that their students or children will be safe and responsibly taken care of. In this way, noise levels are kept to a minimum and better conditions are achieved for all candidates.’