James Carmichael

What does my job involve?

I’m the Country Examinations Manager in Greece. I lead the team here to make sure we offer you high quality exams that are recognised worldwide, not just in Greece. People trust us and the exams we provide.

It’s important to me that everyone who takes an exam with us gets excellent value from the money they spend and the best possible experience while they’re with us. We invest in support such as online resources. For instance, if you take an IELTS exam with us, you’ll get 30 hours of online preparation for free. We also have incredibly well-trained examiners and consistently provide them with further training and development opportunities.

Whether you’re interested in further studies or finding employment, we want our certificates to make a difference to your life.

Why is education so important to the British Council?

Education was one of the main purposes of the British Council when it was set up in 1934 and it’s just as important to us today. Many people from Greece go on to study in the UK. For us, it’s important to offer these opportunities to people. If you take an exam with us, you know you are getting a qualification that is recognised and admired around the world.

What’s special about the British Council?

Our international reach and the depth of our resources set us apart. But one of the best things of all is the lasting relationships we develop with people. This happens because we are as active in the arts as we are in education.

If you take an English language exam with us, you might then go on to study in the UK, before working with us again later in your life on an arts project. The British Council is there for people at different times in their life.