Irene Kladiki

What does my job involve?

As Examinations Operations Manager, I make sure that we provide a service that is professional and reliable. We’re here to answer any questions you have and we keep in touch with you throughout the process. We also try to be flexible so that people can take the speaking part of their exam on a day convenient to them.

We try to innovate in order to offer the best possible service. Today, you can view lots of useful information about your exam online. We also make an effort with small but important things. For example, well in advance of your exam, you get a timetable that includes a map to help you get to the examination centre.

I love the variety my job offers. From liaising with customers to managing the delivery of exams, no day is ever the same. I am constantly looking for ways to improve services for our customers. I also need to work closely with my colleagues in the exams team, and also with the UK examinations boards in order to make sure our customers have an excellent experience.

From when you choose the exam that’s best for you, right through to the actual exam day, your happiness and satisfaction is very important to me.

Why is education so important to the British Council?

Education prepares people for the future and creates opportunities for them across the world. Our vision is of a future in which people from different cultures live and work together with mutual respect.

What’s special about the British Council?

In Greece, as around the world, we are one of the most renowned organisations when it comes to exams. We have been providing English language, academic and professional exams for over 50 years. It means we have a lot of experience in exams administration and innovation, and can offer you excellent service and a great experience.