An English language teacher pinning a poster to the board

Our two-hour Professional Development Workshops are designed to help practising teachers keep up to date with some of the recent trends and innovations in language teaching. In each seminar, we will examine a different subject and share ideas and best practice taken from the very best of UK education.

Global trends: An introduction to inquiry-based learning (young learners)

In this workshop, teachers will learn about inquiry-based learning as a process of discovery, in which students observe what is around them, ask meaningful questions and work towards finding answers. We will discuss the merits of inquiry-based learning, how it can be implemented in the classroom and what an inquiry-based lesson looks like in practice.

Friday 22 November 2019, 10.00–12.00

Getting the most of teaching one-to-one

Most of us at some time in our careers have to teach one-to-one classes. These classes can be challenging and involve special learning contexts with unique possibilities and unique problems. In this workshop, we will see how to bring your one-to-one classes alive and how to turn problems into learning opportunities.

Friday 31 January 2020, 10.00–12.00

The power of teaching lexically (young learners and adults)

The lexical approach is a way of analysing and teaching language based on the idea that it is made up of lexical units rather than grammatical structures. Lexical units are words, chunks formed by collocations, and fixed phrases. This workshop will look at the theories behind the lexical approach and how it can be implemented in the classroom.

Friday 20 March 2020, 10.00–12.00

Teaching the whole child: Teaching skills for life

Life skills help prepare our students for life after school. Developing life skills is now becoming a fundamental part of teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language. The workshop will leave you with some practical ideas on how to promote communication, leadership, decision-making, critical thinking and problem-solving in the English language classroom.

Friday 12 June 2020, 10.00–12.00

General information

Fee per workshop €25
Class size Up to 40
Location Kolonaki Teaching Centre