An English language teacher using an interactive whiteboard

Our three-hour Professional Development Workshops are designed to help practising teachers keep up to date with some of the recent trends and innovations in language teaching. Each month, we’ll examine a different subject and share ideas and best practice taken from the very best of UK education.

Equality, Opportunity and Diversity in the Classroom

As the UK’s international cultural relations organisation, we are strongly committed to equal opportunity and diversity. This workshop will be a showcase of best practice from a variety of teaching contexts around the world, where colleagues have successfully embedded equality and diversity in English language teaching.

Find out how to promote awareness of equality and respect for diversity in the classroom. This workshop will provide you with good practical advice and ideas on how to become more aware and help you integrate aspects of equal opportunity and diversity into your work.


Date/Time Wednesday 17 April 2019, 10.00–13.00
Fee €50
Class size up to 25
Location Kolonaki Teaching Centre