Our Addvantage member scheme offers enhanced services to you, your students and your teachers. Partner with us and enjoy the benefits of working with a trusted and professional international organisation.

What is Addvantage?

Addvantage is the British Council’s examinations member scheme for schools, language centres and institutions who register candidates for Cambridge English Qualifications and/or IELTS with us in Greece. It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ to schools who already co-operate with us, and ‘welcome’ to new schools and institutions that wish to try our services.

How do I become an Addvantage member?

Any school wishing to collaborate with us can become a member of the Addvantage member scheme.

You can become a member of Addvantage if your foreign language school, private primary or secondary school or institution registers candidates with us for any of the English language exams we administer: Cambridge English Qualifications (paper-based and computer-based) and IELTS.

Your level of membership is based on the number of candidates you registered in the previous academic year. You will receive the Addvantage calculator at the start of each registration period, where you will see your level, which will be valid for the duration of the academic year.

Each school can claim the benefits and exclusive rewards that correspond to their level of membership. As you move up in your membership level, you will enjoy greater benefits as a thank you for continuing to choose the British Council as your exams provider.

Addvantage is also available to language schools and private primary and secondary schools/institutions who have not worked with us before, or who have not done so for a number of years.

What benefits will I receive as an Addvantage member?

The Addvantage member scheme offers you an attractive and exclusive package of benefits for your school, your teachers and your students. It includes top quality exams management and administration for you and your students, a wide range of exam preparation material, seminars and teacher development workshops, as well as access to the many other services we offer as the British Council in Arts, Education and Society.

Some of the benefits we offer are:

  • participation in the British Council’s Our Future competition for school-age learners with fantastic prizes
  • free mock speaking tests for your Cambridge English: B2 First (FCE) for Schools, C1 Advanced (CAE) and C2 Proficiency (CPE) candidates as well as tips, practice and feedback on writing samples for B2 First (FCE) for Schools and C1 Advanced (CAE) through our LearnEnglish Exams website
  • free English language practice resources for all ages and all levels on our LearnEnglish website and free exam practice resources for IELTS through Road to IELTS
  • listening with headphones or stereo surround system, and high quality venues for your students’ computer-based, paper-based and speaking exams
  • guaranteed safety for your younger students through our child protection policy
  • invitations to attend our face-to-face ELT seminars and webinars available throughout the year, as well as our regular Cambridge English Qualifications and IELTS webinars with best practice teaching tips
  • our guide to English language exams for your students’ parents, which provides advice on how to help their child with their English Language exams
  • the right to use the approved British Council Addvantage© branding for promotional purposes
  • promotion of your school through our School Finder webpage
  • ELT seminars and webinars specifically tailored for the needs of your school
  • NEW! One complementary book of your choice provided by Cambridge University Press from a selection of their English Language Teaching 2020 catalogue
  • NEW! Complementary 20-hour online methodology course Understanding Assessment provided by Cambridge University Press, including a certificate of completion
  • NEW! Information and guidance on the range of free high-quality learning and teaching resources available from Cambridge Assessment English, Cambridge University Press and the British Council
  • NEW! Access to the British Council’s online child protection training course for your teachers
  • NEW! For Platinum members: Complementary access to one 20-hour Testing and Assessment online methodology course provided by Cambridge University Press, including a certificate of completion. Courses available are: (1) How to teach Cambridge English: Advanced (C1 Advanced), (2) How to teach Cambridge English: First (B2 First), (3) How to teach IELTS and (4) Learning Oriented Assessment.

We offer many more benefits and update our offer every academic year.

For a detailed list of the benefits we offer to EFL schools and private primary/secondary schools, please contact us at Addvantage@britishcouncil.gr for a copy of our 2020–21 brochure and terms and conditions.

Why partner with the British Council through Addvantage?

Our heritage.

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We create friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and other countries. We do this by making a positive contribution to the UK and the countries we work with – changing lives by creating opportunities, building connections and engendering trust.

Our work in English aims to bring high-quality language materials to every learner and teacher who wants them. We offer more than three million UK examinations worldwide, helping people gain access to trusted qualifications to support their career and study prospects.

We have been working in Greece since 1939, offering a wide range of services and activities, in English teaching, testing and in supporting teachers of English. We have offices in Athens and Thessaloniki. No other examination centre in Greece can rival our unparalleled 80 years’ experience in delivering international exams.

Our expertise.

Over 70 examination boards and educational institutions trust us to deliver their exams around the world. We are recognised for our integrity and professionalism in delivering high-quality exam services and English teaching and training. Our expert level of knowledge and skill in examination management ensures the delivery of exams is 100 per cent secure, transparent and fully compliant with exam board regulations.

We can organise exam day sessions from small to very large groups of candidates for a wide range of exam dates and locations. Your students can take exams in a modern and comfortable venue or we may be able to organise the exam at your school (under certain conditions). The exams we offer are widely known and recognised by schools, universities and employers in Greece and around the world. We are world leaders in delivering computer-based tests.

Your assurance.

When you register your students to take exams with the British Council you will enjoy the benefits of working with a trusted and professional organisation. We care about your students’ success in exams and in their lives beyond the classroom. You can rest assured that we listen to your assessment needs and tailor our exam services to meet them.

Our dedicated exams team works together with you to make sure the exam registration process runs smoothly. On the day of the exam our highly-trained and approachable staff ensure that everyone’s experience of taking an exam with us is positive and fair. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for children and adults to take exams.

Your advantage.

As an Addvantage member you will receive an attractive package of benefits and enhanced services according to your membership level along with our commitment to you as one of our partners. Addvantage offers your students and teachers support and training with exam preparation. We provide parents with information and guidance about exams and organise events and competitions to motivate your students and celebrate their success. By working with us you can access opportunities to promote your school and grow your network.

Addvantage is more than just about exams alone. It’s about helping students, teachers and schools perform to the best of their ability and benefit from everything the British Council has to offer from high quality resources for learning, teaching and assessing English to developing cultural relations with the UK.

Once you become a member of our Addvantage© member scheme your school will join an exclusive group and receive an attractive package of benefits and support services along with our expertise, dedication and commitment to our clients.

Our exam partner

Our exam partner is Cambridge Assessment English.

The British Council in Greece has long-standing experience of delivering Cambridge English Qualifications for Cambridge Assessment English across the country.

The British Council collaborates with Cambridge Assessment English in 50 countries with the aim of helping people learn English and proving their skills to the world. Cambridge English Qualifications reflect a path towards learning English, step by step. They include a range of exams that motivate people of all ages and abilities to learn English and develop practical skills for the real world. These qualifications are recognised by over 20,000 organisations worldwide.

Our official sponsor

Our official sponsor is Cambridge University Press.

The official sponsor of the Addvantage member scheme

Cambridge University Press collaborates with the British Council in the Addvantage member scheme to support learners and teachers by providing information and convenient access to the official exam preparation materials and more. Addvantage members receive exclusive benefits from Cambridge University Press and online training courses developed by their teacher development experts, which introduce the principles of assessment and teaching of exam levels for Cambridge English Qualifications and IELTS.

For further information, visit www.britishcouncil.org/exam/advantage.

The only official exam preparation materials

Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment English have brought together their expertise to develop the official exam preparation materials for Cambridge qualifications and tests. Working in collaboration, they have developed a range of official courses, support materials and practice tests for learners and teachers to prepare for Cambridge English Qualifications and IELTS. Cambridge University Press is the only publisher that develops the official preparation materials for Cambridge exams.

For further information, visit www.cambridge.org/cambridgeenglish.

What people say about us

Sophia Sagia and Socratis Magnisalis, Athens

‘Once again you have excelled. Our students and their parents were very happy. Everything from venue choice to the supervisors and invigilators’ professionalism provided a synergy towards a great exam experience. Thank you!’

Mark Palmer, Neo Irakleio Attikis

‘You all deserve a word of appreciation for the excellent way in which the main suite exams were run this May. You were very well organised and British Council staff were helpful and friendly. Thank you: you made the examinations a pleasant rather than a traumatic experience for the candidates.’

Eleni Niarchou, Megara Attikis

‘As a school owner who has co-operated successfully with the British Council for many years, I was impressed by your seminar on 25 November 2012. It was professionally organised and I found both the comments and the interaction really helpful. It was also a good opportunity for the students to have their questions answered, as well as good support for the teachers.’

Agnes Katsianos, Ilioupoli Attikis

‘It is traditional for us at the Katsianos School to work with the British Council, particularly with regard to the Cambridge English exams. We have been co-operating for more than thirty years! Teachers, students and their parents alike are all aware of the immense importance of having a strong British Council by our side ready to support us with the Cambridge English exams, as well as our students' studies in Great Britain.

The administrative staff are all exceptional and conscientious workers, always ready to help us and show understanding, flexibility and sensitivity. We feel that the British Council believes in assisting us when it comes to our students’ welfare and the school’s in general.

In addition, TEFL lecturers are provided when asked, which is extremely supportive.

The British Council means a lot to us as it has been an integral part of our thriving school life for so many years!’

Dimitris Meletopoulos, Neo Irakleio Attikis

‘An obvious advantage of the computer-based exams is that they are held much later than the traditional paper-based ones, which gives candidates ample time to practise. Also, the fact that they [our students] can register just a fortnight prior to the exam when they feel absolutely confident shouldn’t go unnoticed. When it comes to such academic level studies as the Cambridge English: Proficiency, this is really important as it can determine students’ success.

My experience of the computer-based Cambridge English: Proficiency exam is rather positive. My learners enjoyed it and did their best. Regarding the organisation of the exam itself, everything was perfect. The staff were friendly and most helpful, and everything went according to schedule.

I would like to congratulate the British Council on introducing the computer-based version of the Cambridge English exams.’

Artemis Lioliou, Volos

‘The implementation of the British Council’s Child Protection Policy has helped to considerably improve the conditions at exam centres for all parties involved. Now child and teenage candidates take their breaks in specially designated areas, which allows them to remain focused on the task ahead; parents and teachers, on the other hand, no longer need to linger outside the exam centre while the examination is being carried out, as they can now rest assured that their students or children will be safe and responsibly taken care of. In this way, noise levels are kept to a minimum and better conditions are achieved for all candidates.’

How do I find more information about Addvantage?

If you would like to register candidates with us and receive more information about our Addvantage member scheme, please contact our Addvantage Manager:

Andy Papadimitriou
British Council
43 Tsimiski Street
546 23 Thessaloniki
Telephone 2310 378 316
Fax 2310 241 960
Email Andy.Papadimitriou@britishcouncil.gr