Students in a Life Skills workshop

This year, our Life Skills: Developing Social Entrepreneurs programme has been adjusted to meet the needs and health and safety requirements of Greek schools, offering a series of online teacher training sessions through which our experienced team of trainers will equip particpants with the tools to implement the programme in the classroom, while at the same time providing support through mentoring sessions throughout Greece.

The teacher training sessions are free of charge and consist of two two-hour live sessions with our trainers, as well as asynchronous training material that takes three hours to complete (seven hours training in total).

The teams formed during the implementation of the programme will have the opportunity to submit their proposals in a country-wide competition we are organising as part of the programme. The teams that present the best social enterprise ideas will be offered supplementary training on presentation skills and will compete for the competition awards at the final event, which we will organise digitally next spring.

The role of the teacher

The teacher’s role is crucial to the success of the programme whether the Life Skills programme is delivered by a British Council trainer or the local educator. Life skills cannot be developed in just a few teaching hours. They involve a long-term process that is sustained over time through regular and varied activities.

Teachers are also the ones who should decide which activities are best suited to their students and to determine their priorities and objectives for their class. They should therefore share their views with the trainers they will be working with and modify activities depending on their students’ needs.

Teachers should always look for opportunities to further discuss the topics covered in the workshops and to make connections with other courses on the national curriculum and daily experiences in the school environment.

To support them in this important role, we offer teachers online training, the official Life Skills manuals for both modules of the programme and a list of useful websites, which provide ideas for further activities.

Online training for teachers

The online training sessions will provide teachers with:

  • a better understanding of life skills and their importance to wider educational objectives
  • resources to incorporate life skills themes and activities into their classroom teaching
  • a community of practice to share experiences and materials, and to seek support for initiatives and inter-school co-operation.

Download the informational booklet for teachers (PDF, 916 kb).

How can I apply to take part in one of the mentoring sessions?

To take part, please complete the online form and we will get back to you with further information on the mentoring process with one of our trainers.

Participation is free.


Find out more about the competition (PDF, 148 kb).

Official Life Skills Manuals

The pedagogical background of the programme and all the recommended activities are included in the official Life Skills Manuals:

Useful online resources

For a more comprehensive list of online resources, please see the official Life Skills Manuals above.