A group of school children learning to code and write software programs with their teacher

How can technology be combined with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to promote new skills in the classroom?

Our Coding for Sustainability programme is run in collaboration with Samsung Electronics and aims to provide training opportunities for teachers and create a community interested in STEM education and sustainability. Through the programme, teachers will acquire the tools to:

  • cultivate the concept of new technologies among their students
  • help them develop the skills needed for creativity, innovation and critical thinking both at a personal and team level
  • foster co-operation between young people in order to address environmental issues.

Participants will learn basic micro:bit programming, explore ways to integrate it into the classroom, and learn how to use it to provide practical solutions to problems related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Who can take part in the programme?

The programme is aimed at:

  • primary and secondary school teachers of any subject throughout Greece
  • students and graduates of teacher training programmes.

What does the programme consist of?

The programme includes:

  • Teacher training: Through a digital platform, our experienced team of trainers will equip participants with the tools to implement the programme in the classroom. The online training lasts six hours (three meetings, each lasting two hours), with additional asynchronous training material.
  • Classroom implementation and challenges: Following the training, participants will have the tools to design and/or implement lessons on coding and sustainability. Throughout the year, we will announce challenges where participating teachers and their classes will be invited to provide a solution to environmental problems through coding.
  • STEM community: Through our shared platform, we will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and feedback, share educational material and discuss opportunities and concerns.
  • Discussions with experts: Throughout the year we will organise discussions with experts in the fields of science, education and sustainability. The purpose of these discussions is to share good practices from the UK and Greece.
  • Competition: In the spring of 2021, we will announce our competition – the final challenge! Teachers who have participated in the programme with their students will have the opportunity to take part and win prizes for themselves and their school. The final will determine the overall winner.

Download the informational booklet for teachers (PDF, 730 kb).

How can I apply to take part in the programme?

To take part, complete the online form.

Participation in the programme is free.


For further information, please contact Victoria Kyriaki:

Email Victoria.Kyriaki@britishcouncil.gr
Telephone 210 369 2337

The programme is being implemented under the auspices of the Municipality of Nea Smyrni.