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Life Skills is a unique youth career and development programme, delivered by the British Council and sponsored by HSBC.

The initiative aims to develop the career prospects of young people aged 18–30 who are unemployed and not in education, or who wish to make a positive change in their career pathway and carve out a better future.

Social hackathons

We invite young people aged 18–30 to take part in one of the three two-day social hackathons we are organising face-to-face in Athens and Thessaloniki, and online for people in the rest of Greece.

Our social hackathons aim to be a participatory learning process where young people, working in collaboration with social enterprises, will broaden their horizons, become familiar with the social economy and marketing, and develop new skills related to co-operation, communication, time management and organisation.

The teams that will be formed in each hackathon will work on creating/improving a product/service with a social impact for a chance to win a team award of €2,000 for the implementation of their proposal and an individual gift card of €100 from social enterprises.


  • Athens
    Friday 26 May (13.00–20.00) and Saturday 27 May (10.00–18.00)
    Apply by Sunday 21 May 2023 (23.59).
  • Online
    Friday 9 June (13.00–20.00) and Saturday 10 June (10.00–18.00)
    Apply by Friday 2 June 2023 (23.59).
  • Thessaloniki
    Friday 16 June (13.00–20.00) and Saturday 17 June (10.00–18.00)
    Apply by Friday 2 June 2023 (23.59).

For more information, please read the call for participants (PDF, 126 kb).

To take part in one of the hackathons, complete the online application form:

Apply now

Participation is free.


Are you 18 to 30 years old and in search of your professional identity? Then take part in one of our workshops!

Through our educational workshops, participants will have the opportunity to explore the process of transition they are undergoing; understand their skills, experiences and interests; broaden their understanding of the concept of the social economy and – ultimately – map out a personal and professional development plan.

The workshops are experiential, free of charge and are delivered both face-to-face and online.

More than 1,700 young people from all over Greece will benefit from the workshop programme.

Dates to be announced.

Two-month paid internships

Paid internships will be organised throughout Greece. Participants will:

  • develop new skills
  • benefit from networking opportunities
  • gain work experience and enrich their CVs
  • meet with professionals from the social enterprise sector and from businesses with a social footprint.

Interns will also have the opportunity to take part in Start-up Bootcamps along with representatives from their internship host company and jointly design products or services, further expanding their co-operation.

The programme allows us to support young people by providing them with access to jobs so that they can build a better future.

About Life Skills

Life Skills aspires to make a real impact on Greek society by promoting employment in social enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a social impact as an alternative and inclusive career choice and as a means of tackling youth unemployment.

The programme will be carried out through two rounds of paid internships in social enterprises or enterprises with a social footprint throughout Greece.

The programme will also host a series of training workshops and Start-up Bootcamps, which will provide participants with the opportunity to develop their skills and put their business ideas into practice.

At the end of the two-year programme (October 2021–September 2023), participants will have gained employability and career skills, access to jobs and the ability to plan for a brighter future, as well as make a real positive impact on their communities.


For further information, please contact Victoria Kyriaki:

Telephone 210 369 2337
Email Victoria.Kyriaki@britishcouncil.gr