Become an IELTS partner institution

We partner with schools, universities, private colleges and other educational institutions to deliver IELTS on their premises exclusively for their own students.

IELTS partner institutions and their students enjoy the benefits of a full support package, including greater flexibility and access to IELTS preparation material and academic support if required.

What are the benefits?

Becoming an IELTS partner organisation means:

  • You join a global list of prestigious educational institutions that recognise IELTS. Find out how to become a recognising organisation.
  • You will be able to equip your students with the world’s most widely accepted English language test and help them stand out in today’s competitive jobs market.
  • You can offer IELTS Premier – the only official IELTS preparation course in Greece – on your institution's premises for your students.
  • If you run IELTS preparation courses for your students, you can include the British Council logo on your promotional materials.
  • You and your students can have access to our popular online preparation course Road to IELTS for Institutions, which includes 120 hours of practice and preparation materials designed to develop candidates' skills to the levels necessary to succeed in IELTS. Road to IELTS is a powerful tool that you can use as the core material for an IELTS preparation course. It can also be used as a self-access resource by your students.
  • You will also have access to a wide range of other British Council IELTS resources for both students and teachers.
  • You – and your students – will enjoy the convenience of doing the test on your institution's premises or at a local venue of your choice.
  • You can choose the most suitable test dates from our annual calendar and inform us just six weeks in advance.
  • We can offer IELTS presentations for your students to familiarise them with the format and requirements of the test.
  • Our expert trainers and examiners can provide seminars for your staff and local English teachers on your premises.
  • You can pay the test fees for group registrations by bank transfer.
  • The British Council will undertake all test administration procedures including material delivery at no extra cost.
  • Your students' results will be available just 13 days after the test and you will be able to access them via our free Online Verification System. Your students can also access their results online and they will receive a printed Test Report Form (TFR).

How to use IELTS

IELTS is recognised by the Council of Europe, and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) provides a basis for the mutual recognition of language qualifications, thus facilitating educational and occupational mobility.

The table below suggests how to align IELTS scores with CEFR language levels:

IELTS scores CEFR level
< 4.0 Below Β1
4.0–5.0 B1
5.5–6.5 Β2
7.0–8.0 C1
8.5–9.0 C2

To become a partner institution, or for further information, please contact us.

How should the CEFR be used by recognising institutions wishing to set language ability requirements?

In fulfilling its purpose as a common reference tool, the CEFR was not designed to provide the basis for precise equating, nor was it intended to be a prescriptive tool to impose standardised solutions. Rather it was designed as a common framework of reference, primarily intended as ‘a tool for reflection, communications and empowerment’, as described by John Trim, its coordinating author (Saville, N 2005).

Therefore, we would recommend that all recognising institutions should look at the IELTS band score descriptors and use the IELTS Scores Guide DVD to ascertain the appropriate level of language ability required for their institution or course.

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