The British Museum in London

Part of the legacy of our Transforming Future Museums programme is the focus on international networking and exchange of best practice. In addition to connecting to UK course leaders and guest speakers, Greek museum and heritage professionals will also have the opportunity to visit the UK to attend conferences, share experiences and exchange best practice with their UK counterparts.

International study tours

The programme will offer a limited number of participants a one-week international study tour, which will combine a bespoke, curated programme of museum visits and meetings with industry experts, as well as the opportunity to take part in one of the UK’s leading museum and heritage events.

Twinning museums: Εxchange of short work placements in Greece and the UK

In order to emphasise the role that regional and local museums and heritage organisations can play in their local community and economy, the project will connect museums located outside the capital cities of each country. Participants will exchange knowledge and good practice in the area of community engagement and sustainable business models, and gain insights into how each organisation works and develops its programmes. This will cultivate long-lasting relationships and provide opportunities for future collaboration.

The programme is supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.


For further information, please contact Dina Ntziora:

Telephone 210 369 2358