A young girl learning her first words in English

Early Years Plus is a programme designed by the British Council for children aged 2 to 5 based on best practice within the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage.

The implementation of the programme as part of the I.M.Panagiotopoulos School Nursery School curriculum will:

  • increase your child’s confidence in the English language
  • develop essential English language communication skills
  • further enhance your child’s personal, emotional and social development
  • contribute to his/her developing literacy
  • provide an opportunity for creative expression through art and drama
  • contribute to your child’s understanding of the wider world.

As part of Early Years Plus, your child will be encouraged to select and present his/her work and achievements in his/her personal Early Years Plus scrapbook. This personalised record of achievement will enable them to reflect on their learning and take pride in their efforts.

The scrapbook forms a key part of the feedback and progress reports provided to parents on a regular basis. In addition to being invited to meet your child’s teacher, you will also receive guidelines on how you can use the Early Years Plus experience at home.