The Life Skills trainers are experienced, qualified professionals in the field of non-formal education and experiential learning methodologies.

Life Skills Trainers

Prodromos (Makis) Ananiadis

Makis Ananiadis

Makis Ananiadis has a degree in Political Science and is currently studying Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at postgraduate level. He's a member of the education department for executives and volunteers at the YMCA Thessaloniki and other organisations, where he designs, co-ordinates and implements educational youth programmes. He has also worked as volunteer manager for the 15th Biennial of Young Artists in the Mediterranean, as well as for other national and international festivals.

Dominiki (Mina) Ananiadou

Mina Ananiadou

Mina Ananiadou has a degree in Political Science and Human Rights. She has worked on experiential learning programmes for the YMCA Thessaloniki, as well as with Doctors without Borders, the Reception Centre for Refugees in Thessaloniki, Amnesty International, the Greek Council for Refugees and other NGOs. She has also worked as a Greek language teacher for the Network for Social and Political Rights of Migrants and as a dance teacher on programmes that use dance as a mean of social empowerment.

Life Skills trainer Christos Christopoulos

Christos Christopoulos

Christos Christopoulos studied photography at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and acting at the Drama School in Ag. Varvara. He is currently studying Theatre at Athens University. He has taught photography in a private school and has worked for NGOs focusing on people and the environment. He has also worked on presentations of childrens’ books for publishing houses, and has been involved in the design and implementation of educational programmes for other organisations.

Life Skills trainer Eirini Kareta

Eirini Kareta

Eirini Kareta works as an Educational Projects Co-ordinator for Fair Trade Hellas. She studied International and European Relations at the Panteion University, and gained an International Master's degree in Peace, Conflicts and International Development in Spain. She worked as an intern with children from the disadvantaged outskirts of Buenos Aires. She has participated as a facilitator and trainer in various workshops for young people both in Greece and abroad.

Life Skills trainer Evi Koutsospirou

Evi Koutsospirou

Evi Koutsospirou is a biologist, with post-graduate studies in molecular genetics and experience in teaching sciences. She has also been active in youth work for more than 15 years. She belongs to the pool of trainers of the Hellenic National Agency of Youth in Action, and collaborates with the European Commission’s support educational structures, SALTO EUROMED and the SALTO Training and Co-operation Resource Centre. She has been a member of numerous writers’ teams for a variety of publications.

Life Skills trainer Elias Mastoras

Elias Mastoras

Elias Mastoras studied Geology at the University of Thessaloniki, but has worked as a youth trainer in various EU projects. He is currently a World Chess Federation (FIDE) Chess Trainer and an International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) Co-ordinator of football referees for the blind all over the world. He has overall responsibility for the Chess Club in Panorama, Thessaloniki and the youth group Youthorama, and he represents Greece in the EU for the creation of the White Paper for Youth.

Life Skills trainer Rania Ntanaka

Rania Ntanaka

Rania Ntanaka graduated from the Department of Theatre Studies at the University of Athens and the Athinaiki Skini Drama School. During her internship she worked as an Assistant Director at the National Theatre (collaborating with S. Livathinos and M. L. Papadopoulou). She has worked as a theatre expert in primary and secondary education since 2008. She has also been involved in educational programmes for foreign and repatriated students in schools with high percentages of migrant students.

Life Skills trainer Ismini Proiou

Ismini Proiou

Ismini Proiou studied Theatre Studies at the University of the Peloponnese in Nafplio and attended Xenia Kalogeropoulou’s Porta Theatre two-year experimental programme in Theatre Education. She has worked in a theatre education programme designed to help integrate foreign students into Greek schools, and has also been involved in educational programmes for foreign and repatriated students in primary and secondary state schools.

Katerina Sarantidou

Katerina Sarantidou

Katerina Sarantidou has worked in non-formal education since 2010. She has a degree in Physical Education with extended studies in the inclusion of children with special needs in physical education, and has extensive volunteer experience in this field. She has also worked on social inclusion programmes for people with mental health issues, as a co-ordinator for European Voluntary Service, and with numerous NGOs on a wide range of educational programmes for children and young people.

Life Skills Trainer Eleni Stamouli

Eleni Stamouli

Eleni Stamouli has worked in non-formal education since 2005. She has conducted training courses for adults, young people and children for various NGOs as part of national and international programmes. She studied Communication and Psychology and is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Adult Education at the Hellenic Open University. She was a member of the National Pool of Trainers of the Youth in Action programme. Eleni Stamouli has been a member of a fair trade co-operative since 2011.