Two school students and their teacher reading a text in English on a tablet

Download our Navigo game app

Based on current research from the iRead project, Navigo is a game designed to support primary school children in developing their reading skills.

Developed and built by Fish in a Bottle in collaboration with the iRead project consortium partners, the Navigo game is intended for children in years 1–3 and struggling readers across the primary curriculum.

The game is freely available to download from the Google Play Store in English and Greek. If your child has access to an Android tablet, and you are happy to independently try it out, please feel free to make use of this resource.

Navigo provides a personalised and motivating learning experience which means that the content will adapt based on your child’s game play. It was also recently judged by the Department for Education’s Hungry Little Minds campaign as effective in supporting children’s literacy and language skills in the home.

About iRead

iRead is a four-year (2017–20) project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 (EUH2020) innovation programme, for which we are co-operating with 14 partners from across industry and education in eight European countries.

The project aims to develop personalised learning technologies in order to support reading skills. The iRead software combines a diverse set of personalised learning applications and teaching tools for formative assessment. We focus on primary school students across Europe, learning to read and learning English as a foreign language, including children with dyslexia who are at risk of exclusion from their education.

Our work is organised into three strands:

  • Innovation: aiming to fast-track the development of technology for new industry players in the field of literacy and language learning
  • Design: designing and evaluating the effectiveness of personalised adaptive reading orchestrated by digital teaching tools
  • Evaluation: implementing large-scale evaluation pilots to investigate the effectiveness of the iRead technology and promote scalability

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