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In today’s interconnected world, it’s crucial to foster understanding and trust among people from various backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. This becomes even more vital in the 21st century, where globalisation and the digital revolution have brought us closer together than ever before. We’ve seen how societal cohesion plays a significant role in how we respond to challenges like Covid-19.

Through our Social Cohesion strand:

  • We engage with young people from diverse backgrounds, with a special focus on young Ukrainians living in the EU.
  • We are passionate about promoting international networking projects.
  • We aim to create spaces and platforms where everyone’s voice is heard, supporting local institutions that strive to build trust within their communities.

In 2021, we collaborated with the Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity, COMPAS and the University of Oxford to publish the Social Cohesion in Europe Literature Review. This report laid the foundation for our Youth Policy Dialogue in March 2022, which involved several EU countries, including Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia and Lithuania. Together with the local British embassies, we brought young people and policymakers together for a three-hour hybrid event, including focus groups and plenary discussions. Participants generated valuable recommendations for action in these countries.


This year, our programme continues with exciting initiatives:

Study Trip as part of the Cross-Border Cooperation Congress from October 9 to 11 2023 in Lublin, Poland. Lublin holds the title of European Youth Capital for 2023 and the Congress theme this year is ‘City of Youth’. Young individuals from across Europe are invited to discuss the needs and aspirations of the younger generation, explore how local communities can bring their dreams to life, and envision a brighter future. This dialogue also addresses the challenges posed by the Russian attack on independent Ukraine.

A group of 25 Youth leaders from various countries, part of our Stronger Together youth network, will join this vital conversation between young people, local governments, NGOs, academia, and businesses: https://kongres.lublin.eu/en/kongres-wspolpracy-transgranicznej-english.

Introducing Stronger Together for Ukrainian Youth

This year, we are launching a pilot of a program for young Ukrainians in response to disruptions caused by the war. Building on insights gathered from workshops with 55 young Ukrainians in Sinai, Romania, in February 2023, we aim to create a network of young leaders ready to contribute to renewed Ukraine within a broader European network.

Our programme offers a series of trainings, networking events and roundtable discussions. It is designed for young Ukrainians in Ukraine or the EU, including those who have been displaced, and it is opened to young leaders citizens of neighbouring European countries interested in leadership within this context.

Our program will take place in Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Bulgaria, focusing on developing essential leadership skills like resilience, empathy, adaptation, teamwork and communication. These skills are crucial for building and maintaining social cohesion in the face of challenges. We anticipate the pilot programmes to run from January to March 2024. Stay tuned for details coming soon.