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Iliana Chatzianastasiou is the winner of IELTS Award 2020

The British Council IELTS Award has been given for the sixth consecutive year. The Award is designed to assist a high-calibre individual who has a strong motivation to develop his/her career and who can also demonstrate that he/she has the potential to contribute to society with his/her studies.

The application process ran for six months, with approximately 300 successful applications meeting the criteria set. After an initial pre-screening stage, which involved close evaluation of all the criteria and each candidate’s personal statement, five applicants were selected to go through to the interview stage with representatives from the British Council's IELTS and Education teams.

At the final evaluation stage, Iliana Chatzianastasiou was selected as the winner of the IELTS Award 2020. Iliana will study for an FT MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy for the academic year 2020-21 at the university of her choice: Goldsmiths University in Britain. The IELTS Award 2020 and the British Council will cover her tuition fees.

Iliana holds a Special Education degree from University of Macedonia and she is also a dancer. She chose to pursue a postgraduate degree in FT MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths University because she considers it to be the ideal postgraduate program that combines her studies with her passion for dance. As a dance psychotherapist, Iliana aims to adopt new therapeutic methods for students with special needs, using creative approaches as an alternative to existing ones (medication, etc.). As she said, ‘After my studies, I will continue my education and research, achieving my ultimate deepest ambition, to offer myself and others happiness and a multifaceted role in society’.

As the IELTS Award 2020 winner, Iliana will be a true IELTS ambassador, networking within the IELTS community and sharing her experience with other students wishing to pursue higher education studies.

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