IELTS pen on a table

Make sure you read and accept the IELTS test terms and conditions when you register for the test. You can download them from this page. They are also set out in the Notice to Candidates (PDF, 123 kb) which is included with the application form.

The terms and conditions contain important information, including details of:

  • test day arrangements
  • what you can take into the examination room
  • the rules you must follow
  • test security
  • what you can expect from the results process
  • cancellations
  • how we use your information.

When you sign the application form declaration, you are confirming that you have read and understood the IELTS test terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

Please note:

As an added measure to enhance IELTS test security, all participants will be required to have their photograph taken by IELTS administrative staff on their test day. Please make sure that you review the instructions supplied to you after you have booked your test.

All candidates, or a parent/guardian for candidates under 18 years of age, must read and complete the Informed Consent Form for IELTS Test Day Photography and Verification Process (PDF, 24 kb). The signed consent form must be submitted with the candidates’ application form and supporting documentation.